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Wow, the world of blogging gets a little quiet around Christmas time doesn’t it huh?! Everyone must be out and about having one of the ‘life’ things I keep hearing so much about. Damn them. Luckily all my shopping is now done so I can spend as much time on the internet as my little heart desires. Obviously whilst out doing my last bits of Chrimbo shopping I picked up a few treats for myself, including this bargainous little outfit. I’ve not had this blazer off since it’s been in my life and I’m regretting leaving it so long before I finally bought it!

If you know me in real life, you will know that I simply don’t *do* trousers. I find it so hard to find any that fit me properly! Being a pear shape is the bane of my fashion life so I often find that trousers of any kind come in either too big around the waist or too tight around the ass. It’s a no win for me for most pairs I try on! It’s also hard as being blessed around the bottom region I often find tighter fitting trousers make my ankles look too skinny (ridiculous I know). I’m keeping my fingers crossed for the day baggy jeans are bag ‘in’ as they’re the only style that generally don’t make my body shape look weird in! Although saying that I have embraced leggings and baggy long tops of late which are so comfortable. Anyway, I’ve been eyeing up these trousers in Primark for MONTHS. And I mean months. I never tried them on though because I just thought there was no point. However, when I went in the other day they were reduced to THREE POUNDS!!! So I had to give them a whirl. I tried them on and… WELL, I am impressed. They actually fit me, properly and don’t make me look too strange.

The second bargain I picked up was this UH-MAZING Panda print blazer. Another item I’d had my eye on for so long but couldn’t justify buying it after my blazer buying binge about 6 months ago, which resulted in several blazers I don’t actually wear any more. But alas, another reduction – £17 to £7!! So both items were popped through the till for £10 altogether. Oh Primark, how I love thee sometimes. And the final bargain of this week was this shirt from the local unbranded shop. Seriously, I must pay the staff in there their wages most weeks as I ALWAYS find something. Everything in there is a fiver and they stock a lot of stuff which you can find on sites like boohoo and misguided. It’s awesome. This shirt, as you can guess, was a fiver. I just wanted a plain black shirt to go with these two garments really as I know they’re a bit heavy on the ol’ pattern front. So this shirt was perfect. They also had some sequin trousers in this glorious shop which I REALLY NEED IN MY LIFE. But they didn’t have my size in, it’s shame because once stuff has sold out in there they rarely get it back in! And they’re the same ones I’ve seen for £15 in other non branded shops. Boo hoo.
I think Kitty really like my outfit too as she had to poke her little fluffy ass in to my pictures. I’m also not sure why these images came out a bit fuzzy, maybe I should clean the lens to my camera now and again! Hahaha. 
HAVE A GREAT CHRISTMAS EVERY ONE. I’m going to lay off the mince pies, otherwise my new clothes won’t fit by the end of the festive period.

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I did a post wearing these only a couple of days ago. Such a bargain for topshop I think, I love everything about them. They look fab on you too! xx


This is your best outfit ever. I've probably said that before about another one but you now. You're improving lol. I want the trousers, top AND pandas! Thanks god I at least have got shoes like these. N Naaawwwwh Kitty <3 xx

Lizzie Florence

I also have this jacket and It is my best buy of 2012 I love it so much. It nice to see a fellow Panada lover : )

lizzie x

Abby @

I love the trousers – your outfit is stunning! xx

Lisa L

I love the studded shoes, and I love the blazer. Love your style!

Sarah Harradine

This being your blog I deffo thought from the title this would be a review of Panda Pops. I like cherryade best, but they are difficult to find nowadays.

Cute trousers though. What this outfit needs is pigtails!

Rainbow Gatherer

I loved that blazer!
I'll be happy if you check out my blog too=)
merry xmas!


I have those pants and absolotely love them too!!

Nafisah xo


Love this outfit, cutest blazer ever.

Victorias Vintage

THREE POUNDS?! Theyre lush. I, like you, never wear trousers, but they are really nice and really suit you! Bet my Primark won't have them though.. bleugh. xx


That blazer is toooo freaking cute x


The blazer is adorable :))