Rose Gold

I will begin this blog post by quite openly stating that this was a PR sample and no, I didn’t realise the price of it before writing this review. We all know I’m the biggest budget beauty fan this side of the blogosphere, and don’t often delve into pastures new with my skin care. But when I started using this Jane Scrivner Rose Gold Skin Attar, I was so blown away after around 3 days I’ve been a little annoyed that at £33 it’s broken my blog’s ethos of being the ‘affordable’ nook of the internet! I could keep this review short and just say it’s the most magnificent product my skin has ever experienced, but I won’t, let me expand…..

You may have noticed it was my birthday last week, and unbeknown to some, I was 27. Yup, 27 years old. And still looking like I’m 17. Although these young looks will bode me well in my older years, my skin isn’t as fresh as it could be. The creeping little wrinkles around the eyes from 11 years of contact lens wear for one, proves to be quite an annoying little area. I don’t tend to experiment with skin care too much either, as I have the most troublesome skin in Stoke. It’s still prone to breakouts and is terribly dry, particularly in the cold weather. My main bother is that anything aimed towards spot prone skin is also prone to drying the skin out too as it’s often aimed towards skin with excess oil or sebum. So taking that into account not a lot of spot treatments work for me. I also find anything that’s got a creamy consistency breaks me out. Soap and Glory Peaches and Clean, Green People make up remover, hot cloth cleansers – if it’s creamy, I’m spotty. This is why oils are brilliant for skin like mine.

”Especially good for sensitive or ‘experienced’ skin. With both tonic and astringent effect, this oil works to soothe, moisturise and reduce redness caused by enlarged capilliaries (thread veins)

Beautiful, 100% Organic Jojoba Oil with 100% Organic Bulgarian Rose Otto essential oil. This skin attar is a partnership made in beauty heaven.”

The Jane Scrivner Rose Gold Attar contains essential oils that have benefited my skin endlessly since I began using it only 2 weeks ago! In this short amount of time I’ve noticed a distinct improvement with my spots, with pretty much non forming apart from one hormonal one on my chin, and that wasn’t a ‘spot’ spot. It was a little dry lump (mmm sexy). The spots that were there have reduced drastically in redness and the most noticeable difference for me has been the aforementioned under eye wrinkly bits. I don’t think the difference is noticeable to a random stranger in the street, but I have noticed that the skin in that area is so smooth lately and slightly firmer. I only use this at night though as it’s not to my personal preference when worn under make up, although I have been advised this is great for some as a base. In the mornings I have been using my Oriflame Aqua Rhythm Moisturiser, which proves an excellent base for my skin. I’m hoping by the time the bottle is finished my skin will match my assumed age!! ? The smell of the oil is a delicate rose scent, nothing over powering and not sweet like turkish delight type rose either. It’s a wonderful, wonderful product!!

You know I’ll always be honest about reviews, so it’s a little strange that I cannot fault this product in any way!! At £33 though, it’s not cheap, but you do get a good 30ml bottle, and even after 2 weeks of continuous use it’s hardy gone down, as so little is needed. If you weigh up the cost in retrospect, I would have much preferred to spend a one off price of £33 on this than the £5’s here and there for products that just don’t work or make my skin worse. And I won’t even mention that time I spend £50 on a ‘Doctor Brand’ 3 step skincare regime! And to be honest, I don’t think £33 would even register for some of your bloggers out there…. but what can I say? I’m living a post grad in poverty life style, but damn my skin is lovely now.