A Guilty Pleasure: Ke$ha

Ah, I know what you’re thinking… ”Terri Lowe, why would you or anyone else have such unconditional love for a lass that looks like she’d give a bloke a blowy in an alley as soon as look at them?” WELL I will tell you why I love Ke$ha now. To be honest it’s pretty boring, but I just wanted to give Ke$ha some blog lovin’ because y’know, writing about make up and shoes all the time gets a bit too same ol’ same ol’. I think one of the main reasons I like Ke$ha so much is because she knows how to have a jolly good laugh and not take herself too seriously…. Also the fact she boarders on the completely insane. In a good way of course.

Her music isn’t usually my first choice with regards to genre, but I listen to pretty much anything. I like across the board music like Arcade Fire, Matt & Kim, Deftones, Kanye West, Tilly and the Wall, At The Drive In, Love with Arthur Lee, Alt+J…..just pretty much anything. It’s an eclectic mix and for some reason Ke$ha ranks really highly in it?!

Not only does she release some pretty catchy songs which I for one, cannot help but wail along to,  but she also is pretty interesting and slightly insane. Did you know she has a necklace made of her own placenta for example? Well she does. And she wears it to bring out her psychic abilities. Oh Ke$ha, she’s bizarre but also has some killer make up looks in some of her videos, which are just completely ridiculous like that damned Lady Gaga being craycray for the sake of it.

Pour examplé:

She’s remains trashy but still channels a bit of class….. and OK, some of Ke$ha’s lyrics might take feminism back around 20 years but she’s not afraid to be out there, take a risk and fuck shit up. In conclusion, I like her a lot. (But I know I shouldn’t).