Bag, Bin or Donate

Ah, the amount of times I look at my wardrobe and think ‘I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR’ has gotta be a daily occurrence.  I pretty much rotate the same 4 dresses for a few months, buy some more, forget about these ones and move on to new ones in some kind of vicious cycle. I’ve not even changed dress size since I was about16 but somehow things start to ‘not fit the same’ or just look rubbish. Moving house it the ideal opportunity to go through my masses and masses of garments and sort out the wearable from the woeful. I hate throwing stuff away though so I’m dividing it into 3 piles…. KEEP, SELL, BIN. 

Basically anything I’ve worn in the last year I will keep, but if I’ve bought it and not worn it within a year that is in the donate/sell pile. Then anything which is basically rubbish which I was keeping to recycle in to something new I will bin. I have a TON of off cuts and bits of clothes that I always plan to get crafty with and make some little plush toys with, but I never get around to it and there’s just way too much work that’ll need to go in to it to make the fabric even usable! There’s so many options for what to do with my old clothes which are wearable for other people but not for me nowadays too, I could take them the charity shop for some good karma, or I could use a clothing recycling service or something like that. I’ll de damned if I’m using ebay to sell clothes again anyway, what’s happened to ebay over the past year or so?! Last time I tried to sell something they never paid yet still gave me negative feedback. Weirdrie Barlow magnet over there! The aim is that I’m trying to narrow the clothing down to just one massive suitcase, which is going to me a task within itself as when I moved last time it was 5 trips emptying and filling said suitcase alongside 3 of those massive Ikea bags full… I’m never going to do it am I? 


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Kieron Casey

I recently sold 90% of the CDs I accumulated over 20 years to Music Magpie. I am due a cheque for just over £50. Today I went to the dentist. Turns out two decades of music is worth less than the cost of a fill-in.


At least twice a yeaar especially when the season turns from summer to winter and when it then again changes from winter to spring I go through my closets and drawers and get out things to donate to the shelter. That way I don't throw away something somebody else could use and know what I have and what I need. to me it just makes for order.

Tracy Hodgson


I have the similar problem, at last count i have over 58 dresses and i have just bought two more this month, i really need to get rid of the old but i can't part with them.

Good Luck.



Putting thi,gs up on your post would make you lots of pennies, loads of us looking for some new clothes right now i am sure.

Angel In This Dress

Yeah, eBay's got quite bad… I'm still waiting for one of my items to be paid for. And another time someone claimed their item got wrecked in the mail and I had to give them a full refund even though the beyatch was probably lying


I quite often either give my unworn clothes to charity bags or recycle them x

Sarah Harradine

Weirdrie Barlow (y)


I really need to do this, I always think I have nothing to wear but then never throw anything out in case I want to wear it… vicious circle or what! x


I do an Ebay session quite regularly – luckily I've never really had any problems. At the moment there are loads of 'summery' things hanging around in my 'drobe, which makes me feel like I have nothing to wear!

Nicola Byrd-Murthwaite

I was once told of a New Year wardrobe sorty-out method: At the beginning of the year turn all your coat hangers back to from, by June, anything that isn't facing the right way (because you haven't worn it) sell or bin. I see too many flaws in this! Summery dresses that stay in the wardrobe, going out dresses which haven't had an occasion to be worn…

Good luck with your sorting! Anything is the sell pile put up on your blog? Might get some pennies and send things to a new home!

Nikki x


I'm constantly doing this too. Finding myself at the moment wearing the same clothes over and over, so boring! I need to go shopping…