Bathroom Regulars

Yesterday was certainly one of those days yesterday. I’ve been feeling really positive lately and then a bit of snow and a bit of a shit attitude from someone combined with a lot of panic over now trying to find somewhere new to live, and it completely made me in to grumpy cat. To make everything a little bit better at the end of the day though I decided to have a nice long bath. I have oodles and oodles of products in my bathroom but I have them on rotation to try and use them up! These things I’m TELLING YOU ALL ABOUT however, are being used more regular than the others though, so I thought I’d share my bathroom regulars that make me feel a bit better after a shitty day!

It’s not a particularly pampering selection but it’s scents and things that are making me feel happy outside. I’ll start with the Body Shop Beautifying Oil in Cocoa Butter. You may remember my review of this from way back when, and I really didn’t like it. Not one bit. It’s not my bag for moisturising the skin or using as a hair treatment, but one way I have found is amazing to use it is as a bath oil! It’s amazing. It really soaks in and makes your skin feel so soft and supple, it doesn’t really add much of a scent but add two liberal squirts and have a good soak and you really do feel the difference! Another brilliant product for making your skin feel soft and squeeky is the Soap & Glory Pulp Friction. This is the best body scrub ever, and although it’s fairly abrasive it does also give a bit of foaming action so you really feel like it’s cleaning your skin, not just exfoliating. This is really good for the backs of your arms where those pesky little dry bits tend to harbour, it’s fairly gritty and maybe not as luxurious as a sugar scrub, but it smells really fruity and nice. A product I’ve been after for EVER is a shower gel that I could use when I had the odd spotty breakout on the top of my back (oooh I’m sexy!) but you know, I’m sure a few people are prone to this especially at certain times of the month, or in winter when you’re wearing layers and layers of clothing. I cam across the Asda Protect Exfoliating Body Wash by chance the other day and it’s alright y’know. I’ve not yet gauged if there’s been an improvement and it’s been too chilly to actually look and see if there’s any blemishes on my back lately haha, but it’s a nice discovery considering it’s a product I didn’t think would exist. Finally for keeping mah bodeh all clean an’ tha’ we have the Waitrose Cinnamon Cakes Shower Gel, this cost like a quid and it’s a lovely fragrance for when you have a hot steamy bath on a cold night! It’s just a basic shower gel with no special features, but the Waitrose range has loads of nice fragrances to try for really reasonable prices. This week I’ve been trying out the Herbalife Herbal Aloe Strengthening Shampoo and Conditioner. Herbalife is one of those brands that are just cropping up everywhere but I’m just never completely sure what they *do*. This combination of shampoo and conditioner is brilliant for my hair though! They are really refreshing and clean in fragrance and leave my hair silky soft and light. The conditioner really moisturises my hair but doesn’t weigh it down which it always brilliant, especially for my hair type which is so dry and damaged. It’s also a colour preserving formula which is brilliant considering I’ve not dyed my hair for around 2 months now due to lazyness haha. It’s also sulphate and paraben free for anyone concerned about nasties in their shampoop.

The facial products I’ve been using lately are pretty much just ones I want to use up and get rid of! Apart from the Soap & Glory Face Soap and Clarity, which is a brilliant face wash that has been so good to my skin since I discovered it last year in that big Soap & Glory gift set at Christmas! This is a repurchase and although it’s a little more than I’d of liked to have spent on a face wash, it  does remove make up,  leave my face really clean and clears it up keeping blemishes at bay. I use this daily and it does last for a good while. The only thing that I maybe thing they could alter is the pink beads within it. They just don’t seem to do anything? They don’t burst and they don’t seem to act as a scrub, they kind of just move around your face as you’re washing in and that’s about it. Maybe they’re meant to be more of an aesthetic thing though as they do make it look pretty.

 Taking in to account how brilliant Face Soap and Clarity is, I was so bitterly disappointed by Soap & Glory’s Peaches and Clean cleanser. I find Face Soap and Clarity removes my make up so much better than this cleanser and also leaves my face feeling a lot cleaner. I’m just using this up every other day until it runs out, but if I use it every day it actually breaks me out in spots, which isn’t too odd as creamy products always have this effect. But yes, so disappointed after reading all the good reviews. It smells medicinal and was a waste of money for me personally. The Benefit B.Right Range is a really great skin care range and I cannot fault it, I got the Refined Finish Facial Polish at a Benefit Event last year and I use it once a week just to polish off the dead skin. It’s a very fine facial scrub and I love the apothecary style packaging for all of this range. For the price though I won’t be repurchasing as a facial brush is going to be much more effective for me in the long run, currently eyeing up the Muji ones! When it comes to face masks I do usually buy the Montagne Jeunesse sachets for blemishes, I find they work wonders and for £1 are really god value, however, twice I have been dooped by the wonders of a big tub. The Body Shop Tea Tree Face Mask is ever so harsh and drying but I use this now and again when I have a chin break out just to dry the area up quickly and prevent more! I can’t use it more than twice a week though or on my entire face as it’s just a little too harsh. The Soap & Glory Fab Pore Facial Peel mask is another Soap & Glory product I don’t rate too much. It pretty much just acts as an intense moisturiser for me and doesn’t touch my pores at all, which is a bit of a shame.

I think that’s a pretty indepth look into what I’m currently using anyway! Soap & Glory products are so hit and miss, I never know what to invest my money in with them! Through their Christmas Gift Sets I’ve always found some treasures, but it seems when I jump on bloggers hype I always get the dudd products, bit weird!