Fur on Primrose Hill

Well, that pesky MUA Make Up Brand have been kicking up a storm over the ol’ Social Media Channels this week haven’t they? So much so I almost didn’t write this post about their new Fur-Effect Nails. I’ve never been the greatest fan of their brand anyway and their stunt with the sale offer on Monday kinda proved what I thought all along! Anyway, let’s put that aside for a second and talk about the new trend in town for nail art – fur nails with a spot of metallic nail action from Nails Inc. too!

I know a load of people are like ”ermaghherrrddd fury nail sooo grossss” but I don’t see why they’re gross. They’re just like a velvet or flocked effect which probably would have been a better idea to brand them as, as I guess fur immediately makes you think of animal fur and animals are well dirty like. The ‘fur’ effect is pretty much loose velvet powder and it comes in a rather awkward pot. I don’t know why it’s in this kind of packaging as it’s really not easy to get out and sprinkle on to the nail as the pot it fairly hard to hold, and it develops an equally as rubbish and uneven effect if you dip your varnished nail in to the powder. It clogs in to lumps very easily and it just generally, well, in a word – awkward. I do like the colour though, but this was the best of a rather uninspiring bunch of colours. However I do enjoy the final effect if  it goes to plan. Once you’ve got your flocked finish though this doesn’t really last long, you start malting worse than a cat in summer on heat after about an hour and within 3 hours my nails had gone completely bare, this was the second attempt in the image by the way when I thought just going for one nail would be more sensible. I must say before trying this I was really excited about it and my inner cat loved the idea of having furry nails, so can’t help but feel disappointed.
I used Nails Inc in shade Primrose Hill for the base polish, it’s a really high quality polish and long lasting too. I thought it would be a good contrast to the red/purple tone of the fur effect. I don’t own many Nails Inc Polishes but I am always so impressed with how long they last and their drying time! Primrose Hill is a really strange shade which I couldn’t quite capture on camera, it’s predominantly a metallic lilac/purple shade with a lovely shimmer of a kind of greeny/yellow/gold colour running through it! It’s really pigmented too and creates a nice opaque finish within 2 coats even though my first impression after coat one was that it was a little sheer, but it turned out not to be!
If you want to waste £3 on the MUA Fur Effects nail crap then you can buy it from your local Superdrug and the Nails Inc polish can be bought from Look Fantastic  and for £13.59 even comes with a fancy crystal lid! Oooh la la. Swanky.