Is Blogging Hard?

The other day I got an e-mail from a lovely lady that follows me on Twitter and Instagram that simply asked ‘Is blogging hard’. This got me thinking… IS blogging HARD? I always wonder why everyone doesn’t write their own blog as I believe EVERYONE has SOMETHING to say. Whether it be beauty, fashion, politics, sport, anything! Everyone believes in something and to believe in something you have a passion about it and ultimately, if you have a good vocabulary and can form a sentence you can create your own space to talk about it! My response was pretty standard to this nice girl that took time out of her day to e-mail me, and I basically said ‘blogging is as hard as you make it!’. For me, blogging comes very easily. I love to narrate my life, I love to write, I love to try things and I love to share an opinion. I write how I speak and I don’t worry to much about having set goals – although it is always good to challenge yourself! I have written about this subject before because I’m not sure why everyone isn’t a blogger.

I’m actually the least organised person EVER. It’s quite frustrating because every time I try to be organised I just end up being twice as unproductive. That’s why I bought this awesome ‘Blog Post’ post it note pad from Liberty a while ago! When it comes to blogging I just take it in my stride and do it when I’m usually settled in bed at around 10pm! This can be a little bit of a pain though as sometimes I get carried away and the next time I look at the time it’s gone 2am. It’s not through trying to bash out a load of content though, it’s more time flying when you’re having fun! I could sit down at my desk in the early evening, but I always feel more creative later on and obviously a bit more comfortable in bed. I see a lot of bloggers on Twitter who say they have ‘bloggers block’ or ‘want to blog but don’t know what to blog about’ – My advice – always have a back up topic. Sometimes when I’m out and about I’ll suddenly think of something, note it on my phone, then forget about it. Now and again I’ll remember I made a note and go back to it and voila! Bloggers block no more, I have a subject to get my juices flowing again. To be fair though, this is a rare occasion, as most days I have something to talk about. This is why I find not shoehorning my blog into one distinct catagory is good for me personally. I could easily write about beauty and say it’s JUST a beauty blog, but that would become stagnant and boring; not only to write but also to read I imagine! So I write about a range of things, I find this helps as you know, life has a lot of subjects to it! 

Another word of advice is when you’re in the ZONE make the most of it. Some days I feel like I should blog because I like to keep my page active and updated at least 4 times a week. But sometimes I don’t feel like writing. So like I said, I’ll bash a load of posts out in one go then save or schedule them for later in the week. Once you’re on a roll, you’re on a roll! 

Sometimes it’s hard to know where to start when it comes to blogging, a good idea is to do a few ‘tags’ that go around the blogosphere, or jump on a few bandwagons. Whilst established bloggers can get a bit bored of ‘week in instagram’ images, sometimes it can be entertaining to yourself to write about what happened. Also things like ‘What’s in my handbag’ is a great thing to write about, take for example mine today… I don’t know why there’s a toothbrush in there?! I have an electric one! Unintentional shoplifting perhaps? I have found lately that working full time does tend to eat up a lot of my week, so I do post a little less nowadays than I did before, but I have noticed it hasn’t made a dramatic impact of views and comments which is reassuring! Don’t feel pressured because some bloggers have way too much time on their hands and post 20 times a day 7 days a week!

Something to really consider is social media presence and observation too, a quick trip to the Carphone Warehouse to get yourself a decent smartphone is apparatus enough to set up a Twitter account and keep on the look out for trends, tags and what other bloggers are talking about. I found the best app for me to use Twitter with is Tweetdeck which you can get on any smart phone for free. I just find it easier to use and looks better than the actual Twitter app. When people neglect Twitter for a a day sometimes they feel out of the loop! Just keep on it! Build up your reputation and join the conversation. If you are an established Twitterer before your become a blogger then that’s a brilliant boost in gaining readership and followers!

Ultimately don’t give yourself too many targets or pressure, at the end of the day blogging is (probably) your hobby. It should be fun, it should give you something to be proud of and you should enjoy it! I’m not sure if I said everything I wanted to say here? But I hope you understand a little bit about what I’m rabbiting on about (times when typing how you’re talking becomes the bane of your life haha). If you have any questions please ask me!