Keeping It Classy with Oriflame

I’m sure I could write about Oriflame products all day every day!! They’re seriously some of the best quality products I’ve tried in a long time and so affordable too. I got these items to feature in a bit of a Valentines Lip Product binge of posts, so if you like lipsticks keep a look out on the blog over the next few weeks because I’m going to be going a little craycray about them talking about various brands. If you don’t like lipstick then tough potatoes… I JOKESSSS. Don’t worry plenty of other stuff will be written about inbetween, including some food posts, which I always seem to forget about! Anyhoo, back to the products in question. Oriflame – hell yeaaaaaaah!

Oriflame have collaborated with long time MILF Demi Moore for a pretty classy range entitled MORE by Demi…. Clever. The range is very classic in aesthetic yet has a really nice range of red and pink toned shades. It all comes in really expensive feeling gold coloured packaging, and the lipstick has a really satisfying clicky mechanism that I’ve been sitting here clicking for around half an hour now! It really is that satisfying!! I can totally see what Oriflame were going for with this range – aiming for an older generation by making an appealing range of products by using a super hot 50yr old (!!!) woman who is not only gorgeous and looks a lot younger but also bagged Ashton Kutcher. Y’know. When I first opened the lipstick which is in shade ‘Pink Drama’ I thought it looked a lot redder than pink. It’s a really pigmented shade though and as you can see from the image above it does apply VERY pink indeed, oh how dramatic I felt wearing it. It lasts a good length of time and also left a slight stain on my lips at the end of the day, which I personally really like a lipstick doing! It’s not super moisturising but definitely doesn’t dry my lips out by any extent.
When I first cracked open the More by Demi Nail Varnish in Black Cherry I did think that it was a shade which wasn’t for me. It’s not like any other colours I own though so I thought I’d give it a whirl and it turns out I LOVE IT. It is a really deep cherry/win colour which is so thick! But dries really quickly! The brush applies the nail varnish in two swoops and it takes two thin layers to create a completely opaque finish. I teamed it with the Nails Inc metallic colour in ‘Primrose Hill’ on the first picture you can see up there, and they compliment each other so well. I also only needed one coat to completely cover the Primrose Hill to create the half and half effect I did. It lasts for ages and I always judge a nail varnish by how easy it is to pick off – and this ain’t easy!! It’s a very high quality polish.
Overall I really like the range I’ve tried so far. Like I said, I’m probably not quite the target demographic but I can really appreciate these products as they are such high quality in themselves. I love the colour of the lipstick when applied and the nail varnish was a surprising win for me too! I know Tereza has reviewed the perfume in this range and absolutely loved it too! So get on to her reviews as well (the rest of her blog is pretty freaking cool too).