My Face My Face, Look At My Face

I pretty much did this post the other day but with wanky quality pictures and not an image of the products in use. So apologies for being a Repetitive Reggie here, I’ve actually changed a few things in regular use since then as well. Anyway, the other one didn’t contain any images of my glorious face in action demonstrating such products or actually have a good quality image in the post at all. So this is how I wear my make up most days, apart from that odd little line of eyeliner I thought I’d mix it up with under the side of my eye. I don’t think that quite works does it? Hardly Lana Del Ray or owt. But you have to try everything twice, maybe next time if I neatened it up slightly instead of just quickly taking pictures when I’m in the mood for being a bit vain…? You may also notice my hair is a little more orange at the end, it’s the wonder that is La Riche Directions Dye in Tangerine, just so you know.

I’ll also try and make this attempt at a duplicate blog post a little more concise! So I split the products up and shown them (kind of) in order of application. I start off with the base, then do any powdery things such as blusher and eyeshadows, go on to eyeliner, eyebrows and mascara and finish it all off with lip products and any extra’s to tidy it all up. I would recommend all of these products as I find them all incredibly affordable and they all do exactly what they say on the tin. The only one I’m a bit undecided about is the Maybelline Colour Tattoo. I succumb to hype when I bought this and I don’t get it. It’s OK, it’s not a particularly bad product, but you know when  you use something and just wonder what all the hype was about?! It’s a brilliant base for eye make up though and manages to make any eyeshadows used over it last for ages, but alone the shade kind of makes me like I’m a recovering heroin addict who’s not slept for 6 weeks. A thing that popped up for discussion the other day with Ginger Girl Says was the use of blusher on the end of the nose! I always do this just so it doesn’t look like I’ve gone craycray on my cheeks and makes it all look a bit more, I dunno? Natural with the colour distribution? I also find whenever I use a highlighter at the end of my nose it looks a little more upturned. I kinda like it.
Base: Oriflame Ever Lasting Foundation in Fair Nude & Look Beauty Mattify Me Translucent Powder.
Cheeks: Sleek Blush in Rose Gold, a touch of ELF baked blusher in Pinktastic as a highlighter.
Eyes: Maybellene Colour Tattoo in Pink Gold, ELF baked eyeshadow, 17 Liquid Liner, Look Beauty Lash Attack Mascara, Oriflame Eyebrow Palette, Miners Colour & Kohl in Brown and Black.
Lips: Korres Cherry Lip Gloss.