Poundland – Feeding the Poor With Branded Goodness

Oooh that pesky Poundland, bahhh 8 year old Stila Make Up grumble grumble grumble etc…. Who caresssss? The only thing I was annoyed about on that Poundland documentary a few months ago was that they bought up the Stila make up and Poundland took it off the shelves!! Anyway, that never put me personally off shopping in there. Although I never usually check out the food section , as it’s usually the same array of Frey Bentos pies in a tin, I thought this time I’d live on the edge and visit that aisle… And low and behold! Check out this little selection of branded goodness from the Mecca of one pound WINS.
Yes, as you can see Poundland are now stocking Nando’s, La Tasca and Pizza Express Sauces…. They had LOADS of flavours in too! Much better than splashing out the £3.50 it is at Sainsbo’s for the one jar of the Nando’s sauces anyway, mainly because the last one I had was SHIT, I have nothing but disdain for Nando’s in general though. Over priced crap. But these 3…wait for it… Didn’t even cost me £3… They were £1 each OR 3 for 2. So I got THREE for £2!! I did think it was a bit dodgy, so checked the dates and they’re substantial. The one with the shortest one is the Pizza Express Sauce which is MARCH 2013. I also checked the ingredients for any traces of Horse Meat… Non listed.