The Apocalips is Coming!

As you will know, if you know me, I am the worlds biggest cynic. I am endlessly sceptical about EVERYTHING and the more people like something the more I will strive not to like it. I’m a wanker like that. When the Rimmel London Apocalips started creeping their way on to my radar about 2 weeks ago, I dismissed them completely. I thought it would be another ‘Revlon Lip Butter’ thing where blog after blog hyped them up and then I’d get my stinking mitts on one and be pretty disappointed. Oh how wrong was I? I checked the Apocalips out in Boots as soon as I spotted them and what a mistaker to maker! They were so good I bought THREE! And here’s a little blog review….

Now before you go thinking that’s a little excessive for a budget bagger such as myself, splashing out on such lavish items, I will point out these were on 3 for 2 and only cost £5.99 a pop. I thought they were going to set me back £8.99 for just one, but no! I got three for just shy of £12. I chose the shades quite hastily because I was SO DAMNED EXCITED after the initial swatching session I had. So I do wish I’d gone for a more subtle every day shade amongst the 3 I had, but that doesn’t detract from the fact that Rimmel Apocalips are FREAKING AWESOME.

So, why are they awesome? I hear you cry across cyber world. WELL, let me tell you! These are the most pigmented and wonderful colours my lips ever did see. They’re such a thick and colourful formula I literally was in awe of not only the colour pay off but the longevity of the product. When I went to swatch them in store I expected a boring, sheer, gooey gloss. What I have got is a thick, creamy, pigmented lip colour. I really dislike lip gloss usually and find it awkward and sticky to wear, lip gloss never seems to last long and is just a NOTHINGNESS ON MAKE UP SOCIETY. Rimmel Apocalips are a totally new take on this previously unloved bag of shit that is the lip gloss world. The shades I chose were:
BIG BANG: A beautiful classic red shade which is rich and delicious.
APOCALIPTIC: A bright fuchsia pink tone.
NOVA: A more subtle pink compared to the other two but still an amazing pop of colour.
Here’s some more swatches, including some of my amazing photoshop skillz in action and yes, those vajayjay-esque lip pics again, also excuse the uneven texture of my lips, this weather is playing havoc with them and I misplaced my Korres Lip Butter the other day, wahhh…..
The best thing about Rimmel Apocalips is that in one swoop they don’t just deliver a sucker punch of intensely brilliant colour, but they do not dry out your lips and they last for ages. Even the glossyness stays after eating and drinking. After an hour or so the gloss finish does go but you are left with an amazing stain on your lips which lasts for the best part of the day! For £5.99 each I would be interested in buying the rest of the range, most definitely! It’s not often I would highly recommend something that’s been so hyped up, but there’s a first time for everything!