Welcome to Gloopy-Ville

…Population: Your neglected nail varnish. 

Just a quick tippety doo dah on the ol’ blog today. It’s probably not anything new or exciting for a lot of you, but it’s an old trick from way back when that I for one forgot all about! I just went to paint my nails with this lovely Technic Nail Varnish in shade BONANZA, and instead of a bonanza  of luscious polish to paint my talons with I got GLOOP. And a bonanza of gloop ain’t all that. So I reverted back to my teenage years, when I owned about 3 nail varnishes and had to savour every last drop….

It’s a pretty simple ‘trick’. Just grab your standard bottle of own brand nail varnish remover… Pour a drop into the bottle of nail varnish, shake it like a polaroid picture (see, this is a work out too), or until you see some movement in the bottle once more, and voilá, your nail varnish is good to go once more!
What once was a gloopy sticky mess is now a runny and lovely once more. It might take a little longer to dry doing this, but it’s better waiting another ten minutes than splashing out whole 99PENCE on another bottle. I must apologise if I’m being captain state the obvious here, but it had me entertained for 5 minutes.
Do you have any tips for making the most of your nail polish?