Wellies VS Wedges!

Hey! Did you know it’s snowing outside? What? Wait… You haven’t heard or seen ANYTHING to do with the snow in the UK today? Whoaaaa. Well, it is snowing!!! I know, I know, whilst you’re dealing with that shock revelation, you’re probably now trying to think of some appropriate footwear huh? Well, well, WELLIES, have I got a little treat for your cold feet (I’m a poet as well as a news broadcaster today dontchya know?) Whilst perusing the Barratts website I found a whole selection of Wellington Boots that AREN’T Hunters but still look good! Another shock there eh? There are other kinds of wellies out there other than the classic Hunter Boot! And I’ve picked my favourite 3 to share with the world!! Sorry if this post makes little sense by the way, to cure the boredom of being stranded at home sans car by watching Toddlers and Tiara’s. That shit is intense, right?!

Right, so back to the Wellies yah? I actually bought number 1 on the list of pretty pretty wellingtons when I was at Wakestock Festival last year! I gotta say, they are so comfortable! The year before I bought some Karrimor ones which I spent more than I wanted on, and after a weekend at Leeds Fest they developed HOLES? I was BITTER I tell you! But these beauties have survived two festivals now and still going strong! They have super deep grips on the bottom too so no slipping over either! (Yeah, I know pretty standard for wellies).  Like I said, the main pro of the ones I have are the comfort factor. I wore them for 5 days  pretty much 18 hours a day whilst in a field and my feet didn’t ache once, which is pretty good considering I have daft wide feet that hardly any shoes are comfortable in! I love the print on the 3rd wellies, paisley AND green? Be still my fluttering heart! And the middle pair have such a lovely contrasting colour with a dotty edge! I know they’re only wellies but I LIKES THEM.

That’s enough dwelling on the cold footwear anyway, here’s to the hope of SUMMER again. Well at least weather that doesn’t make you fall over as soon as you step foot out of the door. I have been lusting after wedges lately and finally managed to back myself a pair as blogged about here. But I’m just getting endless annoyance that I haven’t even worn them out of the house yet! Wedge shoes and ice are not going to end up being a good combination are they?! Wedges have definitely made a come back in recent months haven’t they too?! I remember when I was about 9 I had a pair of black and white stripey ones and thought I was a Spice Girl (no, honestly I THOUGHT I was a Spice Girl) I used to team them with some kind of hideous NEON ORANGE LACE skirt AND top… I can’t even believe those garments existed looking back. Mega cringing and I hope images do not exist! But I digress. The fabulous 3 pair pictured above all deserve a place in my shoe cupboard for various reasons. Pair 1: I loveee the suede finish and they look really comfy! Pair 2: Ermmm helllooo leopard print? And Pair 3: Amazingly glitter and have an ankle strap so no one is gonna Bambi over in these bad boys and break an ankle!!

You can find all the shoes listed and MOAR on www.barratts.co.uk and they have such a mega sale on right now!! I’m impressed.