What’s On Yer Face?

A lot of people always ask me how I become so beautiful every morning. You know, I don’t just wake up looking this gorgeous every day. Just kidding. No one has asked me that ever. But I thought I’d show you what I do plaster my face in most mornings so you too could look, well, pretty mediocre like me if you wanted to I guess. I’ve found myself using the same few products daily lately and it’s been quite refreshing to have some kind of routine and also saves a lot of time in the morning when you just go for the same stuff. And a lesson I always learn with everything from studying design to doing my make up is – Keep It Simple Stupid!

A rather tatty looking selection I must admit, but let’s just say it’s been well loved so far hmm? Ah well, you’re not reading a blog to look at stock product shots I guess?! Haha. As you can see, not a great deal does go into my make up routine daily. I have a very skeletal selection really in comparison to most people! I suppose some people do go without make up some days, but I just don’t. I just don’t feel right without my eyeliner and some foundation. I don’t do eyeshadow daily either. I used to ALWAYS wear green eyeshadow, shit green eyeshow too. EVERY day. I then discovered how to do eyeliner properly though and for the past 5 years it’s been there, I’m surprised I don’t have a dark line worn into my eyelids from repetitive use. I also feel a little too overdone with eye shadow on in the day time and as to use neutral tones I just kind of think I may as well use none.

So, what do we have then? WELL, for the base this week I have actually had a little switch around  from that bargainous W7 Foundation and have been trying the ‘I-conceal’ foundation from Image Skincare. I’m not too sure of my overall opinion of it is yet though. It’s a great colour match and the coverage is good. It’s not as amazing as I’d hoped though and I still find myself sealing it with Stila powder foundation. It’s not awful though or light…. the coverage is fine, being medium to heavy but I don’t think it does cover as flawlessly as it claims, you can read more about it here as it does contain some interesting ingredients and maybe after a few more weeks the benefits will show and I can review it once again. I mean my spots are fairly ok right now. Nothing too red or extreme, but they were still kind of visible, although it is a buildable formula and after two ‘coats’ covered them, the smell is quite off putting too. Very odd. It’s been a good alternative so far though and isn’t a complete right off by any means! For my eyes I’ve been a sucker for the 17 Liquid Liner for over a year. It’s great pigmentation and despite trying several others this is the one I always go back to finished with the new ELF 3 in 1 mascara which has the kind of brush I’m liking right now, I’ve found mascara’s with harder bristles do a much better job than the ones with big bushy bristles which I find very messy, however this one is a bit of an ass to get off and my regular face wash isn’t cutting so actually have to use make up remover. Eyebrows – the amazingly handy Oriflame brow kit, I love how compact it is! And my cheeks are rocking the old favourite Sleek in Rose Gold and I’m also combining it with a new favourite in the form of this ELF baked blusher in Pinktastic , which I find is a lot more effective as a highlighter than a blusher…. This is my new favourite highlighter by the way, it gives off a very similar effect to the Daniel Sandler Watercolour blusher actually, but much more purse friendly.
One of the slightly stranger products I’ve been using over the past 2 weeks is the Tiana Rose Fresh Coconut TLC Anti Ageing Moisturiser. I’ve had Coconut Oil based products for my hair before but never encountered one like this for my skin. I really REALLY like it and it’s a great alternative to my favourite Jane Scrivner Rose Attar oil. This one is cheaper than that too so I’ve tended to use this one more to save the other one! It smells amazing. Seriously, good enough to eat. A rich creamy coconut with a floral touch of Rose. It comes in the jar as a solid and you have to warm it with your hands to make an oil. It’s a brilliant moisturiser and I apply quite a thick coverage over night and then use a lighter layer in the morning before make up. As I’ve said before, face oils seem to suit my dry but spot prone skin type the best and this is wonderful for that. I’ve only had one break out since using face oils and that was the night after I’d had one too many gins and forgot to wash my face before bed. So there do work wonderfully well for my skin! 
*I know these images are awful, I intend on rectifying them at a later date!