Bargain Hunt: One Pound Caviar Manicure

Oh yes, I have been going ever so slightly cray cray in Poundland of late. We have two Poundland’s in Hanley because it is the land of dreams!!!! I saw the empty packaging for this at the smaller of the two in town. Yes, someone had stolen something from Poundland. Welcome to Stoke. It was the last one in that store, so I skipped across town (literally, because I walk a bit funny) and found a few in stock in the bigger store. They had a few colours, but I thought this one looked the most exciting to spark a partaayyyyy on my finger tips.

I’ve tried a few variations of the ‘Caviar manicure’ but not written about them because like Shania Twain they didn’t impressssa me much. But this one, for a pound? I thought it was blog worthy. I did only use it on the ‘accent’ nail because I’m such a super blogger and have to do things like this to be fancy. But I do think the caviar manicure is a little bit too much for every nail though. The nail varnish that comes in the set is alright, some weird pearly finish watery crap, but it doesn’t matter too much one the beads are on. They seem to hold ok, but to be sure I used a top coat to hold them in place. I know some people had issues with the MUA nail constellations changing colour when a top coat was applied. The Poundshop beads colour doesn’t alter at all, they just become more shiny. As for longevity, I can’t really comment, I’m useless when I have something like this on my nails and cant resist picking them off. I did find this more difficult though as the nail varnish and top coat really had set them in place so I can imagine they would last a good 2 days if you’re not a picker like me.
I’ve gotta say, I’m still very undecided about these fancy new nail art things that are cropping up everywhere. Whilst I love the general look of them and the idea of doing something different, it jut seems that non are very practical, apart from the Ciate ColourFoil range that I’ve seen about. I think I might try and find a cheaper alternative to that too, which shouldn’t be hard really, I’ll keep you posted! I’m quite intrigued by this ‘Nails with Attitude’ brand too as I’ve noticed they do other products on eBay too like hair chalks…. Anyone know a regular stockist of the company?  By the way the nail varnish for the rest of my nails was a Nails Inc. one.