Bargain Hunt: £1 Fish £1 Fishhhhh

Well spotted, it’s not a £1 fish I’m writing about today. It’s a £1 hair product instead. I spied this in the local 99p store a few months ago and didn’t bother picking it up as I had shampoo and conditioner coming out of my ears at that point. But then I noticed it in Home Bargains too recently for £1 (I know, a whole penny more expensive) and decided to give it a whirl. I’ve got to admit, my expectations were pretty low, but the packaging itself actually looks like that of a product costing a little bit more the just £1 when you look at it.

Like always, with these budget buys which contain a special ingredient that is the talk of the beauty world, I’m expecting comments telling me that the amount of the oils in the product is under 0.0001% and it’s rubbish. Well to be honest, I don’t care how much of whatever oils or ingredients are in this, because for a quid, it’s bloody brilliant! When I rinse it out my hair instantly feels super silky. I’ve not used additional oils or products after I’ve washed my hair with this, just so I can gauge it’s goodness – and it’s pretty good. Although I must admit it does make my hair slightly more static, so if you’re prone to that maybe use an additional oil to sort it out.
Another thing I noticed was that this took away a lot of the brassyness from my dip dyed ends. I wasn’t really expecting that but it is something I’ve been meaning to sort out for a while as it’s turning a rather dull shade of orange lately. But with this it’s kind of instantly refreshed it. I did dye my roots recently a red colour and it’s sustained that shade without stripping it. But I did use a new brand of dye so maybe it’s just that the dye it super good as well? Who knows. But on my hair currently it is leaving it revived. shiny and vibrant. It wasn’t until I just looked at this image of the ingredients that I noticed the other things in the conditioner. Coconut Oil and Olive Fruit Oil are also in there, which can’t be bad. But I admit I’ve no idea what half of the other ingredients mean…. 

Overall 150ml of a conditioner that suits my dry, frizzy, over processed hair for a pound cannot be bad. Not for me anyway. I’ll be picking up the shampoo to match this when I run out too! I do still use my macadamia oil hair masque weekly as a top up of moisture, I’ve also noticed since using that wonder product my hair has finally started to grow again! Woo bloody hoo.