Buxton Opera House / Chinese State Circus

One of the perks of my glorious job, which I love with all my heart, is being able to attend the super fancy touring shows that we put on. On Saturday I got to visit Buxton Opera House to see the Chinese State Circus on their 2013 Tour ‘Yin Yang’! I’ve been doing some of the PR for the show and read about it in great detail, but you never really know what to expect until you get there, and it didn’t disappoint! I’m not going to lie, I’d never been to any type of Circus before (unless you count the local city centre as some form of Circus, or maybe a zoo?!) or to a theatre to watch a show (terrible at my age, I know) but it’s safe to say it’s something I really want to do again!! Buxton Opera House is stunning!! From the outside and the inside. With so many original features and lovely architecture to sit in awe of, it was a brilliant venue for a somewhat contemporary style of show. I haven’t taken any images of the show itself because I don’t want to give tooooo much away (especially as I’ve arranged some other bloggers to go and have a viewing too and don’t want to spoilt the show for them!) but it’s a great variation of performers on display, from Shoalin Warriors to ballet dancers, it’s awesome. Anyway, as I’m pushed for time, once again I will let the pictures do the talking!!

I found it so weird how everyone in the audience clapped after each trick?! I don’t know if this is what usually happens at the theatre or when seeing a circus act, but I can see why this happened, you just get a massive urge to clap after every feat! It’s hard to pin point my favourite part of the show though, as juggling umbrella’s on your feet it just as impressive as live music and amazing acrobatic tricks in my opinion! I would recommend seeing it if you’ve never been to a show like this before, as you can’t really fathom the atmosphere from youtube video’s alone. I’ve gone from being a complete cynic about things like this to really enjoying the whole experience. 
Oh two other little name drops for the Chinese State Circus 
1. tune in to Channel 4 at 9.30am this Sunday as some of the artists will be on the show!!! 
and 2. They’re having a give away on their Facebook page here: facebook.com/chinesestatecircus (yes, I am actually becoming a PR genius) 
Happy Chinese New Year everyone! 

*as a foot note, I know it is my job to say good things about the show, but it’s not exactly influenced my opinion here, if I felt it was terrible I simply wouldn’t have written about it! It’s not part of my job description to blog about my role, but I wanted to share the Chinese State Circus and Buxton Opera House on my blog as I felt both were blogworthy! 

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thanks for share..


I live in Buxton when I'm not at Uni, it's so great to see Bloggers writing about it :). The Opera House is beautiful, there's some lovely architecture in Buxton in general. I wish I had known this was one as I would have loved to of seen it. I've been to a number of things at the Opera House and don't think I've been disappointed with any really – although some were obviously better than others :). There's just something magical about the whole 'theatre' experience I think.

A Girl I Know

I've seen this act at the Buxton Opera House and they really are awesome. I'm not a big fan of the circus but these guys are hypnotic! I love the Buxton Opera House. Have been there to see various acts including Jimmy Carr, pantomine, etc. I can safely say it doesn't matter wear you sit in this venue you will always have a great view. I love how intimate and ornate everything is. Sounds like you enjoyed it. x

Louise x

Ooo the Buxton Opera House looks fab 😀 All the theatres near me are drab 🙁 lol.

I think people always clap after each trick at these sorts of things (I've not been to many but from my experience there is a lot of clapping!

Looks like a great show.

Louise x

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