Divine Face Oil

So, the date I will finally have internet at home is apparently the 12th of MARCH now…. I’m getting some serious withdrawal and my phone doesn’t want to tether, but I’m still keeping in the loop over on Twitter don’t worry (@Hello_TerriLowe). I only have half an hour lunch at work, so excuse this rather brief review of the Antipodes Divine Face Oil, but I’ve been using it for around 3 weeks now so thought I’d share how I’ve gone on with it! I’m such a mega mega fan of Face Oils nowadays. I haven’t gone back to any of the cream moisturisers for a while. Facial oil manages to keep my blemishes at bay and still does a super job of moisturising my skin, even in the adverse weather conditions the UK has been having at the moment.

I love the pipette design of the bottle and it makes you feel like you’re using something super posh every time you go to use it! The smell I must admit, isn’t too fresh. It’s not too strong but it’s not overly pleasant. I imagine this is the Avocado Oil though, as I’ve other oils which contain Rosehip and they smell absolutely fine. Being an organic formula I guess this is reassuring there’s no harmful chemicals or fragrances in the bottle either. The colour is a rather vivid yellow, which reminds me of wee when you’ve had a few too many Berroca tablets, but it doesn’t smell like wee. So don’t worry.
Overall the oil has done as very good job with my skin type and I’ve got no complaints. It’s no miracle worker, but what is right? I only use a tiny drop in the evenings before bed and this keeps my skin suitably moisturised with no need for me to use anything else in the morning. This justifies to me, the retail price of £18.99, as it will last literally months… using it at this rate anyway! Over 3 weeks there’s barely been a big impact on the bottle’s contents. A winner, but  smelly one at that.