ELF HD Blush

I’ve never been that in to blushers before. But it has come to my attention that they’re somewhat of an obsession lately. Especially when I’ve been packing up all my stuff ready to move house! The amount of make up I have it ridiculous and I vowed never to buy any more (but shortly after that vow I ended up buying 3 Rimmel Apocalips lip lacquers. Whoops). Anyway, as you can tell I’m not one to turn my nose up at a product that’s new, especially when gifted for review purposes, so I simply could not turn away the new ELF HD Blush. It’s unlike any other blusher I have and it’s a contender for new multi purpose wonder product in my life….

The first thing of note about the ELF HD Blush is the size. At first I was kind of like ‘is that it?!’ but upon first use I realised that even though it is kind of small, it’s also incredibly MIGHTY… As demonstrated by this instagram shot of my first use of it….I literally pumped out a tiny tiny spot on the back of my hand and this happened….Yes, I know, I’m beautiful (but I’ll save that image until the end of the blog post, I don’t want to scare any body off yet)….Anyway. Not to be one to be left defeated by such epic fails of the blusher kind, a fail which in fact prompted someone to ask if I was joining the Circus due to the intense redness of my cheeks, I was determined to make it work better second time round. I think the shade Encore is a touch too intense for my pale colouring but would look really nice on a darker skin tone, it’s a little too fuchsia on myself though. The formula is ever so intense. The pigmentation is almost like an acrylic paint swatch of pure colour. It’s really a little wonder. As I said from the tiniest spot of product it distributes a complete wonder punch of creamy colour
As I said, I’m not one to be defeated by a product and found that using a flat topped stippling brush is the best fit for this type of product! You have to really make sure that you stipple it out well on the back of your hand first though as once this stuff is on, it’s ON. You need to rub it around a bit until you get a really even distribution on the brush and then REALLY lightly brush it on your cheeks. As I have said, the Encore is slightly too dark/bright for me to use as a blusher, but get this, as a lip colour it’s awesome. It’s a really bright pop of colour and isn’t TOO drying. It is a little drying but nothing a touch of balm doesn’t sort out. I’ve had actual lip tints that have been much worse with their drying effects than this is. The colour literally stains your lips and lasts a good few hours including eating and drinking in that time too. It’s a really creamy but matt finish. The shade Diva is much more suited to me (if I use it correctly) and I can effortlessly get the right amount of pink tint on my cheeks once the brush method was in play. They’re the perfect pair for a nice pink themed face, without looking like you’ve been left roasting in the sun for several hours.
All in all a pretty wonderful and unique product I think! Especially for the price of £3.75I would very much like to try the paler shades of this though, as I think they have wonderful potential and a shimmery effect would be a right treat as a highlighting blusher too (they don’t exist at the moment though, but it would be good right?) Just remember if you do try these that a little goes a hell of a long way and to blend as quickly as you can!! Once this stuff is on it is ON. Also have a face wipe handy too, as it took me forever to try and wash it off the back of my hand with soap and water. It can be messy business looking this good you know….
Oh and here’s that instagram picture I mentioned earlier.
*EDIT: As pointed out by a keen commented below, these actually do look like an amazing dupe of the Make Up Forever HD Blush!