Flower Power

Ah, flowers. I’m not your average girl, despite growing up in the green bits of the city and having a gardener for a Grandad, I really am not a fan of flowers. I don’t really see the point of them, and personally, if you buy me flowers it would just be a demonstration of how little you know me! HOWEVER, when Interflora kindly wanted to send me some for Valentines to feature of my blog, I almost said no. But then it got me thinking, just because I’m a miserable individual who would prefer a packet of crisps over our floral friends, that doesn’t mean someone else wouldn’t appreciate them. Valentines Day is a bit of a cop out. I don’t celebrate it and I’m not bothered about receiving any gifts off a partner, BUT y’know, I guess it’s not just about sending your love to a partner. I decided to show my love for someone else – My mother! She loves flowers. God knows why. But she does. So I replied to the kind offering and decided to have these flowers delivered by post from Interflora straight to her door. I didn’t tell her that I was sending them either, so I had hilarious scenarios of my dad filing for divorce after she received her flowers from an anonymous source (this didn’t happen in the end by the way, she worked out they were from me).

 And of course, it would have been rude of me not to have chosen the package which was sent with chocolates in… So I could treat myself for my ever so kind gesture to my mother. 
 They were most delicious! Who are you planning to share your love with this Valentines Day…. Actually don’t answer that. We will try and refrain from all that soppyness here…. I’m looking forward to pizza for tea.