Ground Control to Major Tom.

Gooooooooooood Morning Blogggggg Readersssssss. Well, it’s actually afternoon now. Just thought I’d touch base with a sneaky ‘new home YAY’ update!  I moved all my stuff in to my new place on Saturday, and so far so good! It’s a lovely little quiet one bedroom flat and me and Kitty are enjoying ourselves lots (despite her initial scaredy catness!). I’m currently making the place look as pretty as can be until I get round to actually unpacking you know…. important stuff. But here’s some instagrammings so far. I’ll do a proper flat tour when I get actual internet, for now you’ll just have to cope with super quickies on my lunch break at work (oooh -errr).

Hope everyone had a mighty fiiiiiiine weekend. Looking forward to catching up with blog reading when I get the real internetz again! Just need to work out a good dealio because I can’t get Virgin Cable where I am now, and I’m in a 12 month contract with them so trying to wangle some kind of deal? It’s hurting my brain though, wahhhhh. So don’t forget about me!!!