High Beam VS Low Cost

A while ago I featured the Chit Chat Highlighter that I bought from the Pound Shop. Turned out at the time this dupe, was a dupe of a dupe. Some may even describe it as a INCEPTION DUPE. But I thought I’d revisit the dupe and do a comparison post between that and an actual bottle Benefit High Beam. I must apologise if you’re not a fan of the Pound Shop by the way. Maybe I should have pre warned that moving house results in poverty and I have little option for other places to shop at the present time! Anyway. *ding ding* Round One:

As you can see the bottles are very similar. With the simple glass design and white lid with bold black font. The main difference is that Benefit have written more of a schpeel on the actual bottle rather than on the outer packaging I took the Chit Chat highlighter from…. Which has now been misplaced so I cannot inform you of the actual ingredients list or anything people may find more useful. This review/comparison is going to be shallow and based solely on aesthetical qualities because of this I’m afraid. When you open both of the products you find a nail varnish like brush. The quality of the Chit Chat one does lack distinctly from it’s higher end partner and has a strange kink in it. This doesn’t really detract from usage for me personally as to be honest I don’t apply it to my face with the brush anyway. I put it on my finger tip and blend with that instead. The bristles themselves are both soft and will do the same job if you do use that to apply it though, I think…..
The formula does look a little different when swatched against each other. You find the Benefit High Beam is a lot pinker and sheer whereas the Chit Chat Highlighter is paler and also contains a lot more of a shimmer. The consistency of the Chit Chat Highlighter reminds me of half mixed angel delight, with a bit more of a creamy but grainy feel to it. On initial contact with skin it also seems slightly more gloopy and not as runny as High Beam. As I said in the initial post, the Chit Chat Highliter reminds me a lot of the Eyeko Illuminating Cream from a few years ago, but a lot more wearable.
As far as blending is concerned, they both are pretty equal in ease of use. They both seem to blend out the same and create a very similar end result. Although the Benefit High Beam seems ever so slightly more sheer (it’s the top one in the swatches below, and the one on the right in the swatches above). The ‘shimmer’ effect is present in both without making you look greasy or sweaty when you use them in the right places! You can also mix both with foundation effectively to create an over all dewy glow to your skin.  
I find that both products do pretty much an identical job. And with a price difference of ยฃ17.50 it’s safe to say I won’t be investing in Benefit High Beam any time soon, as long as this one is available  and the ingredients list doesn’t end up containing the blood of kittens or something equally as scandalous. The High Beam featured in this post was kindly gifted to me by the enigmatic wonder that is Fashion Dotty; follow her blog if you like eclectic tastes in fashion! 

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There is also another version of it in Bodycare, I think its by Technic! ๐Ÿ™‚ x

The Style Rawr

Wow, this is really interesting however I don't think I'll be switching to the cheaper one because my High Beam seems to last forever ha!

The Style Rawr!


Thanks for that! I've always wanted the High beam but it was too expensive for me :S

Forever Miss Vanity

I've seen so many benefit dupes in Body care lately – sometimes I do think benefit is overpriced, but you never know what ingredients are in these cheap replicas.



Marufa K

I've gt the high beam they great I'm new follower check my blog out and maybe follow back. http://thepocketsizedbeauty.blogspot.co.uk/

S Jones

I never heard of chit chat before! Thanks for sharing I'll have to check it out.



I have got Highbeam and I love it!! ๐Ÿ™‚
Iยดm your new follower, I hope you will follow back! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Betzy's Makeup

They both look great


I have found lots of bargains in the pound shop. Last time I was in town shopping I, luckily, went to the pound shop before superdrug and got a sally hanson and a Rimmel nail polish, in superdrug they were about ยฃ6 and ยฃ4 each! I have bought both branded and dupes in there and always been pleasantly surprised. A lot of brands charge just for their name. I read an article last year about Aldi face products, where in blind tests they did better in some categories that high end brands, in fact their serum came out top of… Read more »

Helen Gray

My stupid one has sold out :,( I'm still hunting

terrileanne x

It's crazy what you an find in a good old pound shop ๐Ÿ™‚ xx

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Benefit does seem overpriced here! I got a Benefit High Brow pencil from Ebay as the packaging was damaged so someone who worked there was selling them cheap!

Jennie Davies

I don't have a lot of spare cash about at the moment, so it is nice to know there is a less expensive alternative. I will have to pick up a bottle next time I see a Pound Shop.

Thanks for sharing!

Jennie x


I have the Chit Chat one and I actually really like it, no way am I spending the best part of twenty quid when I can get pretty much the same thing for a pound!!!

Jesss xo

Kati Palin

Well, ain't THAT useful to know! Thanks, will be looking to seek it out!


I can't tell the difference ๐Ÿ™‚ I do think Benefit can be over priced