Little Favourites

Considering I specialised in making jewellery for my degree, I really do not wear that much of it. Maybe it’s like when you really like something, for example cheese doritos, and end up eating them non stop for 3 weeks until your gums bleed and you can’t so much as stomach the smell of them any more…. What? No one else has done this? Oh ok then… Anyway, yes, jewellery. Don’t get me wrong, I own a LOT of jewellery. Like a ridiculous amount, from things I’ve made myself, to handmade things by pro designer makers, to the bit’s of bargain tat from Primark. I have loads. But I have a penchant for tiny necklaces more than anything. And these are my three favourites:

I like all of them for their own little reasons. The swarovski strawberry was just a gift to myself for being awesome, but it’s the cutest little sparkling pink strawberry I ever did see. It cost around £25 from a local jewllery shop and I love it. I tend to keep it in my jewellery box though as it came on one of those awful snake style chains which was a bit of an awkward length too, so 5 years later I’ve still not got around to buying a chain especially for it. I picked up the middle necklace from a Craft fair I went to a few years ago for ‘research’ purposes (honest). It’s a Sally Collins design and I absolutely love her work! Even though I could easily whip this little lace inspired number up myself with a sheet of silver and a coping saw, I just had to buy it from her as it’s like having your own little piece of art I guess?! Her bigger pieces sell for circa £500 so to spend £35 on a small token like this was well worth the investment for me, and as it’s handmade it’s always going to be a one of a kind thing. Finally, the latest addition to my mini necklace collection is the Amber Lady Bird from Henryka. I’ve never been keen on amber pendants or jewellery, but this necklace is just so adorable, I love it! This one is £16 and they do an amazingly cute bracelet to match too.
And just to show you the tinyness of the necklaces here’s one on. When things are smaller they always seem more precious some how?!