Emotional Brilliance?

Lush, Lush, Lush. Oh we have a love/hate relationship don’t
we? I have to admit, I’m really not a fan of the over zealous staff in some
Lush stores, so I always avoid going in when it’s quiet. On the few times I’ve
been in when there was more than just I in the store though, I have been overly
drawn to the new Emotional Brilliance make up range. I must admit, the reviews
I’ve seen flying around and the whimsical ethos behind it all have been a
massive influence and therefore made me want it more….

The Lip Gloss in ‘The Kiss’ smells to me like they might
have popped a little too much of the aniseed like substance in, and that I’m
not too keen on to be honest. It has nothing to do with that time I got smashed
on Pernod, pretty much passed out, then necked a pint of milk the following
morning to vom it back up in my bed, honest. Hey I was young, YOLO and all
that. But I digress. Aniseed is not my favourite scent or flavour. However, the
consistency of this is lovely. Not sticky and more like a balm with a high
gloss pay off. It’s a nice yahhh.

I would describe these uber pigmented lip colours as Rimmel Apocalips meeting up with the ELF HD blush for a few gins then giving it the big one on
a Friday night. They have the moisturisation, the sucker punch of colour and
the weird velvet like texture to boot. Me likey. The colour really does stain
your lips, so much so that I literally had to wear ‘Passionate’ for 4 days in a
row until I managed to scrub the colour off!! It was a good thing though as now
I’m way more comfortable rockin’ a bolder lip in the daytime at least. I’ve
also got to state this is my new favourite lip colour ever. It’s so vivid! It
doesn’t smudge or bleed either. Gotta say, it’s a bit of a winner. I’ve not
actually tried the red shade ‘Ambition’ yet though, I’m just not brave enough
in case it stains as well, but maybe this weekend I will live on the edge.

Sorry if this review has bordered on the brief side, still
no internet at home, which ultimately means more time snapping stupid pictures
of myself and less time being able to knock out blog posts. I hope you can
handle this. I am certainly struggling.


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YOUR FACES! I'm put off by Lush by the smell, can't get in to be put off by the staff :') x


A lot of the colours do super duper staying power! You can even use them in your hair as well as some sort of modern (hopefully less tacky) hair mascara, think hair chalking but a bit longer lasting.


Brillant colour! Love this post, the pictures did make me chuckle. I'm not so sure on bright colours for lips i always play it safe but it suits your so well!


Gemma Button

I love this colour, I really want a bright pink lip, not sure about having to put up with it for four days but for one day i might, looking lovely:)


Terri you do make me giggle!! I love the colour it really suits you, I have Perspective as an everyday shade and it stays on for ages, buuuuuuut my little wand snapped so keep having to dip something in it lol!





You remind me a lot of Paloma Faith (who I love) especially in this lip colour. Looking stunning as always!


I too have a love hate relationship with Lush. I think the performance of their make up is decent, but why the hell did they price it SO high, for something in a shitty bottle that has a short expiry date? I don't think it'll be around for long. P.S Awesome faces.

Makeup Monster

Love the silly faces!! Lush face powder is my absolute favourite if you haven't tried it yet!


that colour looks AMAZING on you x

♥ Sara || Pretty In Pink || Beauty || Fashion || Music || UK ♥

Terri everything you post literally kills me, Pernod is the devil.



Everything about this post was awesome. Especially the pernod story (I have a similar one) and the very brilliant pictures. I like.

But yes, products. I almost tried these out a few months ago when I was in Lush, but then there was a guy holding my hand and rubbing glitter all over my arm and it got a bit awkward so I legged it because I only went in there for a face mask.

I might brave it again soon and have a little swatching session cos they sound great! And who doesn't want pink hands for 4 days?



This looks awesoms, i just purchased the apocalipse…now this is going on my wish list!!


I like their lipsticks but I haven't gone one myself yet – however I have the eyeliner, it is lovely! It's just annoying that the applicator doesn't reach all the product. That pink is such a wonderful colour on you though!

Amy xo

Anna Nuttall

Hi i love your hair colour, its just awesome, i would love my hair to be something like that but i be sack from my job if i do that (long story).

I was given a demo of Emotional Brilliant – such a wicked idea and i love that colour lipstick.


Sarah Harradine

Me likehhh this colour. Maybe try baby oil and a dry towel to get the colour off if it really sticks?