North West Bloggers Meet Up

On Sunday the 3rd of February I took a little journey to Leek with Charl to have a rendezvous of sorts with some fellow bloggers from in and around the North West. The location was quite a rural one, so I really didn’t know who or how many would turn up, but Maxine pulled it off with some awesome planning skillz and information – which accounted for quite a good turn out at the new coffee place in town; Spout. Spout is an adorable little shabby chic hang out in one of my favourite local towns. If I could live there, I would. In fact my new flat’s decor may have to be a little Spout inspired (even though I do already own most of the Gods and Other Animals‘ art work they have to sale there anyway!). If you go through to the upstairs of Spout it’s the venue that keeps on giving, and lays way for a hairdressers called the Passion Pit, and beauty parlour which are decorated in equally as awesome stylings (so good infact, I forgot to take any pictures of them, drat!!). I did however take lot’s of pictures of tea and cake though, as you do…. So I’ll let those do the talking for now.

It was a really lovely and relaxed meet up, and it was really nice to finally meet a lot of Twitter faces in the flesh too! Here’s a list of the bloggers who attended, you should give them all a little looksy as they were an incredibly friendly bunch.
Charlotte Ginger Girl Says
Joanna Minty Essence
Amelia xameliax
Sara Waiste
Vicky Golly Gosh
Spencer SwichSpencor
Beth Beth-SOS
& of course the hostess:
Maxine A Girl I Know
I will also add that the mini pavlova I EXPERIENCED at the meet up was the most delicious thing my mouth has seen in a good while. We also took away a lovely little unexpected goodie bag which contained a few bits from local people (not in a League of Gentlemen way) including some Misco’s chocolates, man have I heard good things about those.

In another end note, I’m moving house over the weekend! Yay!! But I won’t have very good internet access for a while: BOOOO!!! Soz folks.

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Hi, I'm editing the first issue of a free magazine for creative industries in Stoke and North Staffordshire, under the auspices of the new £500,000 Factory creative industries support service. In my "Upfront" news section I want to include a little mention of the recent first Leek and area bloggers event, and I would like to use your photos so as to cue readers in to the specific type of bloggers attending – the ones I like are on – specifically one the photos DSCF3305.JPG and DSCF3292.JPG. May I have your permission for using either of these, please? Many… Read more »

Phil BC

Was this for fashionistas only, or will future local meet ups be open to wannabe cool (read boring) politico-types like me?

blackswan whiteswan

Im so jealous, great place to hang out and scoff cakes! Im from the north west too! Hope you enjoyed it ladies! Happy blogging xx


This was such a fab day, and it was lovely to meet you 🙂


Will definitely have to check this cafe out when I'm home, sort of gutted I wasn't at home when this blogger meet-up was on as it's the closest one to where I live to date so hopefully there'll be some more NW ones in the further that I can attend:). The cakes look yummy too.


i'm quite gutted that i didn't know about this (not that i would have been invited) but it would have been great to meet some ladies that blog from up norfffff 🙁

Jodie Santer

O wow, that place looks amazing! x


That looks so lovely! Sounds like you all had a fab time 🙂


Awwh so jealous, wish I'd of known about this!
The treats look so tasty too! xx

Louise Palser

What a fab little place. The cakes look delish and the mini milk bottles are adorable. Good luck with the move. Hope it's closer and not further away, lou x


Sounds like a fun day out & that Cafe looks adorable 🙂

A Girl I Know

Lavverly photos. Glad you enjoyed it and completely agree, it was nice to meet some twitter faces in the flesh! Hope the move goes well. Lets meet up for coffee and cake soon. x

Charlotte Lewis

MMMMM the cakes look lovely!

Gutted I couldn't make it. Ended up having to dog sit a poorly pooch!

Hopefully there is another one that I can make

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Thanks 🙂



Law whalebone

So jealous I spy a few of my fave bloggers, aww this looks so nice you can't beat tea and cake! xx