Spring Style

Today we have had our first whiff of summer it seems, it’s still very chilly out, but I’ve had to crack out the sunglasses when driving because that pesky sun has made a little appearance in the sky. I dunno about you, but I’m kinda sick of dressing like I’m allergic to colours at the moment, and can’t wait to crack out some lighter, brighter shades over the next few months! I have realised my little faux pas with my collage below in the form of a collared dress with a collar necklace, but screw it. Let’s live on the edge!
This little outfit of treasures can be found at New Look, which is kind of one of my favourite high street shops. I think a lot of people overlook it sometimes in favour of either Topshop or Primark, but New Look meets is all in the middle I think. They often have some really quirky little pieces in and their prices are so reasonable. I also like their wide fit shoe range as my feet are ever such an odd shape (should I maybe put that information in a ’50 facts about me’ blog post? Hmmm). I am loving the idea of peep toe shoes and cut out sandals with tights at the moment, I know this goes against fashion rules, but maybe that’s why I’m so keen? I think it’s a contrast thing as I’m yearning for some thick black tights with mustard yellow shoes similar to the style of the ones above right now. New Look have a brilliant range of dresses too, from super casual budget numbers to some fancier party dresses. I will have to pay them a visit as I rarely leave empty handed. I suppose it’s another little known fact that I have such a soft spot for New Look huh? Especially now I’ve just noticed they’re stocking Yumi dresses too, ahhh my weakness! What’s your ‘favourite not very often celebrated’ high street store? I’ve been known to have a penchant for Peacocks and Barratts in the past, both of which I find people don’t even think of when shopping around! 


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I would so wear all of those things and walk around feeling adorable!


I love that dress 🙂 there's so many lovely shops on the high street – and it's great for finding a cheap bargain too 🙂 xx

Mutsy's Pocket

(Non spam comment hehe)
This is adorable, that dress is so sweet! Lovely blog xx


I love the dress, it's so cute. In fact, the whole outfit is amazing. I love peacocks too. For ages, it was the only 'brand' clothes shop in our town! xx


Gorgeous especially like the necklace and the dress. Not sure about the shoes though but I think that's because I dislike anything in brown haha xx

Adora Mehitabel
Dot (Claire)

Love everything about this look, but I think I'm most in love with the shoes. xx


omg what a gorgeus outfit the collar goes so well with the pretty dress and the tights and heels, perfect for spring! 🙂


Anna Ho

This is a really cute outfit. Spring is so far from where I live though >_<

Jodie Santer

That dress is beautiful and the necklace is gorgeous! Can't wait to have money again and start getting some summery things, will definitely be hitting New Look for these! x


I need that dress in my life x


I have been finding some cute little pieces in New Look at the moment for reasonable prices too 🙂 the y have the best shoes in newlook! x


I love that necklace!
I'm a definite fan of New Look too, I can almost always find something I love. I don't know why people overlook it! Topshop is so overpriced in comparison.

Jesss xo