Club Tropicana Drinks are Freeeeee.

So….. This dress, it’s a little different right? When I was first contacted to see if I wanted to feature it I must admit I was a little hesitant. As you can see by the images online this Richard Nicholl for Trop50 dress doesn’t come across as the most flattering garment in the world…. But not one to skip on a challenge, I accepted the gift. Also the fact that the proceeds from this dress go to Fashion Targets Breast Cancer meant I really did want to feature it in some way, even if it came and was hideous and I sent it back I’d still write about it….Albeit in a slightly ‘WTF’ way if that was the case though! Anyway, when I first popped this on I immediately popped on a headband and channelled my inner Florence. The dress is literally a rectangle! You’re probably thinking right now how ridiculous it looks…. But bear with me for a second….

….Although I love the floaty loose feeling of the rectangular shape, it’s a little too long for me to get away with wearing. It comes down to just past knee length on me so doesn’t do me any favours, especially being a pear shape. I do love loose fitting styles and tunic dresses though. The dress is not only the most vivid, tropical design, EVER, but it also features a orange panel on the back, so it’s not total pattern over kill. It’s like wearing the clothing equivalent to a can of lilt – totally tropical! To add shape though I just popped on a woven brown belt…. Simple! Not only does this add shape though but it also brings the dress up to a nice length – which can be adjusted by making the top half poofier or less poofy! And it’s safe to say that after my initial reservations about the dress I actually LOVE IT!!!! I really appreciate taking something hideous and making it look good. And this dress it totally my cup of tea. 
I also added in my new favourite necklace which is a big bug I picked up in the H&M sale and my Chelsea Boots from Barratts make my legs look a little longer so I’m not such a short ass. The dress is painfully limited edition with only 50 being made for the occasion. I’m feeling endlessly happy to have one in my possession. I also cannot wait until summer so I can wear it casually without looking too colour crazy! It’s also 100% silk, which is a luxury in itself when compared with the rest of my wardrobe!
Overall, I KNOW this dress isn’t too everyone’s taste, but I for one am a massive fan! I love the shape, the colours, the fact it’s repugnant!! It’s totally my thing in that sense. Have you noticed any awesome products for charity recently? I’m really liking the Emma Bridgewater for Comic Relief merchandise and might invest in a few pieces….! It’s always wonderful to be getting something awesome in return for helping a good cause. It’s that little bit of karma on a daily, stylish basis. I’ve also discovered that Richard Nicholl has produced the most immense line with Fred Perry, so I’m currently stalking ebay on the look out for some of those treasures!