Collection Gel Nail Varnish

So here’s an exciting little new release for anyone who is a fan of the Barry M Gelly Nail Varnish collection…. And it comes in the form of Collection (formally know as Collection 2000) Lasting Gel Colour Nail Varnish. I’m not really one to dedicate an entire blog post to a single bottle of mediocre coloured nail varnish, but as so many love the Barry M version I thought it was worth sharing in a quick review! The Collection Gel Nail colour boasts ‘gel technology’ and a ‘wide easy’ brush… I can’t tell you much about technology, especially in nail varnishes, but the brush is quite nice and reminds me of the ones you get in Essie Nail Polishes. You can coat the entire nail with one swoop and it delivers a nice even layer of varnish.

Review of the new gel nail colour from Collection 2000
Review of the new gel nail polish

This shade in ‘Stormy Grey’ is not too dissimilar to the Barry M version in ‘Lychee’ although I do slightly prefer the mushroom hue of this colour! I’d say they had an equal amount of staying power but the Collection one does tend to dry a lot quicker and you can achieve a fully opaque finish in two coats. The RRP of these little bad boys is £3.19 which comes in a little cheaper per bottle than the Barry M ones, but I must say, the colour range is a big uninspiring from what I’ve seen. There is a black one, but that’s the only shade which isn’t a neutral/pink/fleshy colour, which I found a little odd as Collection nail varnishes are usually quite exciting in their range of colours? These aren’t set to reach stores until the 8th of May though, so maybe they will jazz up the options a bit before then?!


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I'm interested in trying these, although in the past Collection polishes have chipped like crazy on me but I'm such a clutz so maybe it is me rather than the polish.

Thanks for the heads up as I had not heard about these 🙂

Amy xx
A Little Boat Sailing

Sarah Harradine

The finish does look great though. Maybe it's because nude polishes are touted as being THE nail trend of S/S.. though that doesn't explain the black!


Will have to give them a go!


I need this shade! I love nude coloured nail polishes!


I;m totally intrigued by these gel nail varnishes, they've either passed me by totally or they aren't out in the US, probably the former.


Can't bring myself to just call them 'Collection'! That's a shame about colour range, I thought they'd have had loads.

Lauren Megan

Im loving the whole gel polishes recently, these one sounds great, i wish they had more brighter colours in the collection though! Great review 🙂