Glam Glow? Glam HELL NO.

So the GLAMGLOW mask has been praised so much hasn’t it? Sooo brilliant they all said, it makes you super ‘sexy’ the packet says… I actually took pictures of this little sample sachet before I used it in the hope I could sing it’s praises like everybody else. But no. No I cannot say this. For the price of just £35(ish) you could have a ‘glowing complexion’ in as little as 10 minutes… A Hollywood secret, the face mask OF THE STARS!! With Volcanic Rock, French Sea Clay (oooh la la c’set vom) and Active Green Tea Leaf your face can be a WHOLE NEW FACE with the GLAMGLOW Youth-Mud Tinglexfoliate treatment…. (Tinglexfoliate, are you shitting me?). With such a vast array of made up words and exotic ingredients on display how could it go wrong? HOW? Oh I will tell you how young lady (or gentlemen, I’m not fussy about who is reading this).

glam glow face mask

To be fair, I didn’t actually read much about this before I used it. I’d noticed the back end of a few tweets singing its praises and realised I had the sachet, so thought I’d give it a whirl. My skin has actually been really clear lately with very minimal spots or complaints really, I just felt like a ‘treat’… And if a treat translates to BURNING MY FACE LIKE A MOTHERBITCH then I think I’ll be skipping them in future. The ‘tingling’ sensation felt like someone was using a grade 2 sandpaper on my cheeks. After around a minute this stopped though, which is lucky(?) as it was becoming unbearable. The mask had these horrible lumps of gack in which were pretty grim. The mask was a creamy consistency with a gritty feeling to it. Just reading up on GLAMGLOW is does brag a whole host of benefits and apparently (and I quote) ”There’s nothing GLAMGLOW doesn’t do”… OH REALLY? Well I’ll let you in to what it DOES DO actually.

It DOES leave my skin OILY
It DOES feel horrid when you use it
It DOES come in a sample sachet that looks like a condom packet
It DOES use the word ‘sexy’ on it’s branding which cringes the hell out of me
and it also DOES leave my skin awash with the most PAINFUL spots I have EVER experienced.
It’s no secret that I do have spot prone skin. But like I said, this has been well under control lately after finding my beloved facial oils. But this stuff. Wow. It’s impressive how much it has broken me out. One of my cheeks looks like a teenage acne sufferer which has a combination of those horrible under the skin sore spots and small little yellows. Oh I do paint a ‘sexy’ image don’t I? It has also continued to make my usually dry skin incredibly oily. I have NEVER suffered from oily skin despite being spot prone. My skin is an odd combination of dry yet spotty. I also just read that GLAMGLOW mask will carry on giving me this lovely oily complexion for up to 3 days! Well today is the 3rd day of JOY so I can’t wait for it to do one tomorrow. GLAMGLOW does claim to give you a unique skin experience. Well, thanks GLAMGLOW, you have certainly lived up to that promise. I’m sure this has been great for a lot of people. But for me, it’s a massive massive fail. I would strongly advise to try a sample sachet before you waste (or invest) the price tag for the full size thing.