Gousto Recipe Box.

Ah, food food food, get in my tummy tummy tummy. I love food I do, and I love trying new foods. That’s why I think these new fangled home delivery recipe box things are pretty darn interesting. I was sent a box containing two meals for a sneaky review from Gousto, the latest recipe box service to hit the world wide web. I love the concept of these things and now I’m settled in my new place and I have really embraced actually turning up the hob and getting my cook on!
Home delivery fresh recipes weekly

I did have a TONNE of beautiful vibrant snaps of my ingredients and the finished recipes, but for some reason my memory card decided it did not want to store them for me and decided to delete them. I have managed to get a few pictures back though so at least you have some visuals for my recipe box adventures! The concept is so simple; choose your size of box, meat or vegetarian option, delivery address and pay… Gousto deliver your box to your door weekly and my box came on a Wednesday. The box has everything you need in it to cook the meals, well, when I say everything unfortunately Gousto let me down with some of the ‘store cupboard’ things that I suppose regular people do have in stock. Things like butter, olive oil and seasoning are things I haven’t actually got around to buying since moving so had to go and buy them, but I guess they’re culinary investment pieces one should own anyway. The recipe breakdown is super easy and even a novice like myself (who has only just perfected something as simple as an omelette) can whip up the meals from scratch, huzzah!
As I said, I really like the idea of trying new things and my favourite out of the two in the box that I made was the ‘Duck Egg Carbonara’ which was made with courgettes which I usually despise, and feta which I love. It all came together very quickly and there was enough feta left over for a tasty salad the next day, so sometimes you do get a little surplus. One thing I did alter about this recipe though was the egg in the centre. The instructions said to separate the yolk and not use the whites, just drop the yolk into the centre of the cooked pasta in the dish and the heat from the pasta would cook it! This sounded interesting but a little too adventurous for someone who doesn’t cook very much and has been known to tweet asking whether chicken is cooked or not. I did poach the egg though and it still tasted really nice in the meal. I would never have thought of adding an egg in carbonara, but it was a yolky good surprise I’d definitely do in future.

I do wish my memory card hadn’t messed up and I had the other pictures as the tofu, pepper and grape red curry looked like a colourful treat for the eyes as well as the belly. It was interesting to have grapes in a curry, which is something I’d not thought of before, but the crunchy burst of fruityness went really well with the spice and coconut flavours. The boxes can boarder slightly on the expensive side for some I suppose, but when you consider the factors, like its a mini cooking course at home and once you’ve done the recipe once you can do it again, it works out alrayt! Some of the recipes all make way too much food to serve just two people so I guess if you do the maths it does work out reasonable.