I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream For….

….OMG ICE CREAM NAIL VARNISH. Yes yes, it’s certainly cute isn’t it? I picked this Etude House Ice Cream Nail Varnish up from eBay the other week. It cost something ridiculous like £3.50 including postage and packing, so I just had to have it! Etude House is a Korean Skincare/Make Up superstar it seems and if you’ve never sampled any of these brands then eBay and Etude House is a good place to start! As you can probably guess, I was drawn to this just for the deliciously cute packaging, but was it worth that killed price of £3.50? (I jest, of course) Let’s see….

The shade I chose was ‘Mintchoco Chip’ just because I’m a sucker for any pastel blue polishes, for some reason they reign supreme in my nail varnish collection! The Etude House Ice Cream Nail polishes come in 4 colours though; Lemon Sherbet, Apricot Candy and Strawberry Stars Candy being the other three in the collection. ‘Coloured sweet like ice cream, soft texture’ is the tagline on the eBay’s seller page for these, and I can see what they mean. The nail varnish doesn’t dry ‘hard’…. Does that even make sense? It obviously dries, but you don’t get a hard finish like you would with say… The Barry M Gelly Polishes. 
The amount of glitter and speckles in this is really nice. Although it does take 3 coats to achieve a nice opaqueness. I think this is a really affordable ‘dupe’ to the new Illamasqua Speckled Nail varnishes from they’re ‘I’mperfection’ range, which have been doing the rounds lately. Just like the Illamasqua ones, this one gives off that lovely ‘Mini Egg’ finish. 
I did try this with and without a base & top coat and I must say, it’s one of the rare nail varnishes I have found that really does benefit a lot from prep and finish. When I wore this without any it was easily pealed off and chipped slightly. But when the base and top coat are applied it lasted a good 3 days with no chipping at all! I got a few other things from the same shop on eBay called 2 plus 1 which is a treasure trove of goodness! It’s an inexpensive and awesome way to try new products that are not only different but soooo cute too!