Lord & Berry

Well, this week has been jam packed full with internet failings. You know I have no internet at home until the 12th right? As if that wasn’t enough to send me cold turkey, the internet at work has been down for a majority of this week too, so I’ve not even been able to catch up on my lunch break! This has meant a little back log of bloggy goodness that I wanted to share with you, but first one the list were these fabulous products from Lord & Berry – a brand I’ve not heard of before, but definitely one I will be exploring a little more of in the future.

I was sent a wonderful little selection from Look Fantastic.  When I initially checked out the Lord & Berry selection on their website, I loved the simple yet bold design of the packaging. It’s a nice change from the usual chintzy frilly designs I’m usually drawn to. The packaging is a lovely black matt finish and feels a lot more luxurious than you’d expect really. It’s a bit like a grown up version of the Topshop make up packaging. 

The products are super high quality too. I always steer well clear of black eyeliners that aren’t liquid. They ALWAYS smudge on me and I find it really hard to achieve a good line with them. The Lord & Berry black eyeliner is impressively different though!! It simply does not budge! And is a super pigmented creamy black. I absolutely love it. The only criticism is that I assumed I could twist the end to get more product out, but it’s not like that and you have to use a pencil sharpener, which I must admit is a bit of a pain when I’m used to the simplicity of a liquid liner. I do like how this eyeliner has prompted me to try something a little different though (as seen in those above shots right there, you see it? Yeah). I wear black eyeliner EVERY day, I’d prefer to go without foundation that eyeliner (like that would ever happen though) so it’s a refreshing change to discover this one. I’d say it’s a very good compromise between a liquid and kohl/pencil liner and the finish and usage is kind of inbetween the two.
The Lord & Berry lipstick pencil is a lovely creamy consistency with super staying power in a lovely Cherry shade. It’s very moisturising for such a strong colour and for only £6.40 I was impressed, it’s an awesome product for a night out as it’s quite long lasting too and stains you lips once the initial creamyness has gone. The eyeshadow I received I must admit wasn’t my cup of tea but it’s a nice consistency, with some shimmery glitter within which would be ideal to create a glamorous gothy look. Unfortunately if I were to wear all these products in one go I’d look a little bit too much like an extra from the Rocky Horror Show! I really want to try more from the range though, including this Highlighting Concealer Stick, you know how much I love highlighters right?