I have been after a pinafore dress for a few years now, and I am breathing a sigh of relief that they are gonna be big this season! I hastily bought this pinafore style dress from Topshop the other week because like usual, I was after something for ages, then I find the closest thing on the high street – buy it and then they crop up everywhere for a cheaper price and a better design. And yes, this has happened this time. As soon as I got home from purchasing said Topshop dress, I got an e-mail from the ASOS Boutique ‘lily lulu’ asking if I’d like to try something. Of course the first thing that caught my eye was this; the perfect pinafore dress. 

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Now, being one of those people in their late 20’s that could quite easily pass as a school child, I’ve got to be fairly careful about what I team this dress with! I’m only a simple white blouse away from looking 15. I tried out a few tops underneath and I think the staple checkered shirt is my favourite. It makes me feel like I should be in Little House on the Prairie or something. the only trouble I find with dresses of this style with straps on, is that my pear shape can make the straps look a little slack when it rides up to my waist, so I might adjust them at some point. But saying that, the dress falls in such a flattering way and skims over my hips and makes me look deceptively in proportion. Some people think I’m imagining the fact I’m a drastic pear shape most of the time, but I think the reason for this is that I know how to dress my shape to cover (or accentuate) my shape in the right ways. Dresses that flow out from the waist are really flattering for me and even my proportions out no end (is that a tip for any other pear shapes out there?!) 
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Dress: Lily Lulu Boutique £24.99 
Shirt: Pop Boutique £15
Watch: Fossil £49.99
Shoes: Primark £8
I’m so pleased with the material of this dress too, it’s really thick and weighty. Not like the one in a similar style from Primark I’ve seen that is made from flimsy T Shirt material. The one I got from Topshop was £22 and is a really odd textured material with immediately attracts cat hairs as soon as Kitty even looks at it! Lily Lulu have also given me a swanky discount code which means you can get 10% off this beauty or anything else on their shop by entering ‘HELLOTERRI’ at the checkout. So you can actually get this awesome quality pinafore for less than I paid for the crappy Topshop one! Bargain. Let me know if you bag one of these or get anything else from their shop!