Poundland Nail Art Stamping Kit

You probably saw me Instagram the shit out of the practise runs of this Poundland Nail Art Stamping Kit over the past week or so. I picked it up after seeing Victoria tweet it and immediately went on a hunt to get my (somewhat deformed by the look of that picture below) hands on it. I’ve always been intrigued by Nail Art Stamping Kits like the Konad one which retails for around £6 for the plate alone on discount sites, and not forgetting the cost of the scraper and stamp itself on top of that….. I wasn’t going to splash out that CRAZY kind of money over the internet though for something I’ve not seen in action in real life, so finding one in the pound shop was a revelation not to be missed.

I can tell you, it did take a few attempts to perfect the art of nail stamping. I think it’s more to do with the technique of scraping the nail varnish across the plate though. If you scrape it with the tool too upright it just pushes it straight out of the embossed patterns. You have to kind of angle it and drag it across gently but making sure it doesn’t leave a massive excess on the plain parts of the plate itself. You then take the little rubber stamper and press on the embossed pattern (which should be filled with nail polish at this point) then transfer the print across to the nail. I tried a few different nail varnishes and I would advise you to not use a quick dry nail varnish with this as it simply dries before you get a change to transfer it to the stamp! 
Once you get the hang of it though it’s so quick and simple to do and ever since I’ve perfected it people have been commenting on my nails asking where I had them done. I found using a light base with a darker polish as the pattern looked a lot better than the other way around too, as the pattern is much more bold and noticeable. Athough the Bad Apple nail polish is a lovely deep red shade it did transfer as a deep blue when used over the Sally Hansen Green Tea nail colour, simply because the layer of nail varnish you get from the stamp is so thin, which is really good as you don’t get awkward edges you’re dying to pick off!