Cat Watch Cute Shoes

Continuing my little foray in to the world beyond ‘beauty blogging’ I really am doing a good job of mixing up my content lately (or so I think). I really don’t want my blog to be solely based around make up, it’s just sooo fickle and stale for me lately. So unless something is super good, or super bad I won’t be bringing you any ‘meh’ make up/beauty product reviews from now on. I say that now, but just you wait, in two weeks I’ll be back to telling you about some mediocre lip balm you have little to no interest in. I don’t suppose many remember that my blogging started up again about 2 years ago (I’ve had this blog for many years before that) with a blog based just on food (called Terri Tries Twice, RIP), but then I combined the two into this one and beauty posts soon took over?! Anyway another outfit of the day (I’m aiming to do one weekly now, despite loathing slightly having my actual face/body on blog posts) this one features two of my new favourite bargain buys:

The first bargain to brag about is the super coveted cat watch, yes you’ve seen it everywhere lately haven’t you? I wasn’t going to bother getting one, until I found them in New Look on a two for one offer. Meaning I got two for £9.99, with a bargain like that I just couldn’t leave it be. So I nabbed the one with the leopard print/tortoiseshell strap and never looked back. I do have an unhealthy obsession with watches, and own around 20, but tend to just wear my one fossil watch. I just find them all too precious to wear. Second bargain was this khaki shirt dress.  I picked it up from TK Maxx and it was reduced to a fiver! I love dresses like this as they’re fairly flattering for my shape. I really should crack the iron out at some point in my life though, since moving home I actually bought an iron (first time in 6 years of flying solo) and it’s still in the box in a cupboard somewhere….

Teamed with a mustard yellow belt (a primark staple) and these super cute shoes from Debenhams kids section, I thought this was a nice little ensemble for the weather transition that keeps trying to happen lately, but alas the sun never shines and I have to revert back to covering up with cardigans and coats for the foreseeable future. I also picked up some of that new fangled Barry M textured nail varnish (told you I couldn’t keep away from beauty related blogging for too long) I really like the finish and the colour but does anyone else find it gets kind of dirty after a day or so?? Weird.