L’oreal Préférence Mousse Absolue

I’ve written about foam hair dye’s a few times on my blog, but always draw the conclusion that they are simply a pointless fad. When compared to regular home colourants I don’t really understand why anyone would favour them over a usual one, unless they were on a good offer in Boots. Although saying that, the Nutrisse foam hair colourant was OK in terms of coverage and final outcome. I’ve dyed my hair red at home for nearly 10 years now so I do like it when a new product comes out, and when I saw the advert for the L’oreal Preference Mousse Absolue on the TV I have to admit it caught my eye. Since having dip dyed hair I find it a complete waste when I come to dye my roots as I literally throw more than half the dye away! This often puts me off doing them as it’s a waste of a good fiver a time and frankly get’s on my nerves. The new reusable foam dye from L’oreal though is a complete game changer in my opinion though. And so simple to use!! 
556 Rich Burgundy Red
556 Rich Burgundy Red

It’s basically a very simple idea, executed in a brilliant way. In the box you find a handy little contraption which looks like two gas canisters, these contain two liquids that when bought together develop in to a mouse. The beauty of it is that with the trigger at the top it only mixes what you actually use. This is perfect for me to just quickly touch up my roots in a really convenient way. You click the lid in to place and go – as simple as that! Press the trigger keeping the bottle up right and you’re good to go. I literally squirted it through my roots, rubbed it in, left it for 30 minutes, washed out – and my roots were done. No more! No mess! No waste! The mousse distributes into my hair effortlessly and a little does go a long way.
556 Rich Burgundy Red

The best bit of this is that even though the retail price is £11.99 (but I got it for £8.99 in Superdrug on offer) there is no waste at all and it’s a lot more cost efficient for me personally than buying a £5 box of dye every 6 weeks. This should last me a good while indeed and stop me having scruffy roots, as I’m a lot more inclined to retouch them more often! The range of colours right now is quite minimal, but I often find that with new types of dye’s on the shelves and I’m hoping they will expand and have a few more intense reds in the future as I’m pretty sure this a concept that will stick around for a while. As for making hair feel conditioned or silky I can’t really comment as I only did the roots, but the formula doesn’t have any indication it would be too bad for the hair and it does come with 6 weeks worth of intensive conditioner. I used L’oreal Preference Mousse Absolue in shade 556 Rich Burgundy Red which is a fine match for my hair right now. And comes out a touch dark than the main red base which you have seen in recent pictures! 

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Lucy - Beauty and the Blogger

Aha this is just what I've been looking for, I've gone ombre from very light blonde so it's fading really quickly. Was planning on dying the top myself in future as hairdresser is too pricey!

Helen Gray

Love the idea of this, If I had not of already purchased another one to use I would of got this yesterday. I like the idea of using it afterwards to be able to touch up if the time is not there to do a full overhaul of colour x


I like the idea of this, I wish more brands did a smaller quantity for root touch ups but I guess it's not cost effective for them

Jane Barker

Oh this could actually change my life. I have VERY long VERY thick hair and I'm sick of having to dye the lot for a few grey roots. Is there any use by on it? Does the mix go off after 6 weeks etc?


I should of picked this up today, despite my annoyance with L'oreal I tend to look past it when it comes to dying my hair as I like to trust what chemicals I'm putting on my bonce.

I really do like the sound of this as my roots are dark and need doing as soon as they start showing really however I put it off as most hair dyes are like £6-7 now, so expensive!

I'm considering this for my future option now, thank you 🙂

Amy xx
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