Croc It Like It’s Hot

Oh yes, the CROCS are back. I bought this super cute (I don’t care what you say) pair of Crocs last summer from the Crocs Outlet at Cheshire Oaks. I hear ya, a multitude of scrunched up noses and ‘ewwww’ noises are coming at me through my wifi connection as I type…. But I tell you, your feet simply haven’t LIVED until you have tried on a pair of Crocs. They’re like a pillow for the FEET. They’re the epitome of comfort and I promise you, your entire opinion and life will change once your soles have come in to contact with such footastic luxuries. Or maybe I’m exaggerating,  but still, next time you see some in a shop just try them on, you can pretend it’s for a laugh, but inside you will be sobbing when you can’t summon the guts to purchase them. I assure you.

I’m not gonna lie, it feels completely weird not wearing my favourite winter boots now the weather is finally changing. I’m slowly but surely weaning myself back onto to non boot footwear, and digging through my collection I rediscovered these today. I really did forget I had them but as soon as I slipped them on again I felt like a slightly less glamorous Cinderella. I thought they’d be a nice change anyway and nipped to Asda in them. The other thing I wore today was this Orla Kiely x UNIQLO dress. I have 3 of these dresses in the different Orla Kiely designs and really love how easy they are to wear.  And the price when they came out! (Coming in at just under £20 each if I remember correctly). One thing I didn’t love though, was that when I was half way around Asda I thought people were looking at my rockin’ Crocs… Turns out people were staring AT MY ASS ON FULL SHOW after the friction between the dress material and my tights made it ride up over my cheeks. NICE. Luckily I was wearing big pants and it was an Asda in Stoke, so all is not lost.

I know this outfit post is demonstrating a heap load of fashion sins, I mean, I’m even wearing tights with my Crocs. But who cares right? As long as I’m comfortable and my ass isn’t on show…. Oh wait.

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These actually look very cute. Much better than the standard design! Win!


Pahahahaaa. CROCS. I had a pair ages ago but it was two sized too big (my mum knows me well right lol) and I couldn't walk in them properly lol x


I have several pairs of Crocs… 6 actually!

Only one pair are 'obviously' Crocs. The others, 2 pairs of flip-flops, wellies, Ugg looking things and a pair of work-boots, well, you'd never guess. They are soooo comfortable. I'll never buy any other work-boot now.

I think all the Crocs haters should visit their website. There's bound to be something that grabs ya!


Hahaha. This is why your blog is great: it's a subtle two fingers up to your usual Fashion Blogs. I don't think I would have cottoned that these were Crocs, I think I would've thought they were jelly shoes. I was always told about the joys of Uggs but refused to try them.. until my foot incident this year when I learned how amazingly comfortable they are. Not sure I can push it to Crocs though.

Dot (Claire)

These Crocs are actually quite cute!!

Gorgeous dress, and thank goodness for big pants! xx


I don't think I could bring myself to even put my feet in them! They creep me out so bad. Urghhhh.

Jesss xo

Zoe Amelia

These are actually kinda cute… You pull them off anyway! Nightmare about the bum flashing! Thank the Lord for big pants, haha xx

Zoe Amelia

They are quite cute… I'm not a Crocs fan but these ones are ok! Nightmare with the bum flashing, thank the Lord for big pants, haha! xx


Hm, I've tried Crocs and they are comfy but I own shoes that a comfy and nicer looking. They do make more trendier flats though.


Loving the print of the OK dress. I don't think I'll ever be a Crocs fan though.


I like the dress and can't help but chuckle at you flashing your bum cheek in Asda 😉