Retro Sexism and Weirdness

I was browsing a website called Retronaut the other day, and found a few images that made me do a little chuckle at how advertisements and erm, life, used to be. I felt a little compelled to share with you some of the highlights that made me smile the most, including these first ones which are out takes from a booklet in the 1930’s entitled ‘Tips for Single Women’. Some of the images and ‘tips’ are so weird and wonderful that at first I assumed it was some kind of spoof, but no, they’re real…..

Imagine if it came out now? That ‘Everyday Sexism’ twitter account would be having a merry field day! I don’t even have any words to describe the next two images…. (They speak for themselves).

Then we have every girls dream, a designer wedding dress by Yves Saint Laurent. Because nothing makes you feel as special as looking like a giant tampon looks.
Lip prints on anything usually makes me cringe and feel a bit sick, but the ‘lip tester’ image from 1948 made me laugh. The ‘Ole Cucumber’ a particular highlight….

And finally, WARM DR PEPPER? Why do they not advertise this now?! Why have I never thought of it before?!
Hope you enjoyed these as much as I did. There’s more lulz on the if you wanna head over there. On a side note, you may have noticed that I’m not posting as many beauty reviews lately. There’s no particular reason, apart from it’s becoming a little stale and I haven’t got anything new that I particularly want to shout from the rooftops! I hope you like the change of pace, and if not – well, tough.

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I used love reading 1940s vogues for the advice they give, one that always sticks out is If you're going to the hospital for a lenght of time, bring a work of art with you to look at. If you don't have your own, borrow one from a friend.

Hannah Isted

These are so funny, you should do more posts like this they are really good!
Hannah xx


Oh wow, this is really interesting. While I feel obliged to be offended by the photos, I can't be. That was the norm then. That's how it was. I wouldn't put up with those being said nowadays though! Great images.

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I'm doing an art project for school and I'm working on sexist publicities like these. It always makes me chuckle.


OLE CUCUMBER hahahaaaaaa

Jane Barker

I've always loved old advertising (guess it comes with the territory of Graphic Design). I've recently started watching 'Mad Men' (yes, I'm late to that particular party) and I find myself enthralled with the whole culture of advertising. It begins in the late 50's with the discovery that actually cigarettes kill you and the problems then faced in how to promote a product that will give you cancer. One of the funniest scenes for me though was the one where the 2 children were playing 'spacemen' and the little girl came running in with a huge polythene bag over her… Read more »