Sneaking in the Healthy Eating

I will start off by categorically saying that I do not believe in diets. No way, no how. You will never catch me taking up the latest trend in fad diets. I am very open when it comes to food and will try most things twice (first time for the initial tasting, second just to make sure what I thought) and being on some kind of restriction simply isn’t my bag. Although saying that I do understand that due to allergies and other factors some people may have to cut certain food groups out, you poor lambs, I totally feel for you! I do believe in long term changes in your general diet though – cutting out the second bag of crisps and opting for an orange instead is one thing I’ve started to do recently. But to cut out crisps completely? Oh no, no way. Anyway. I was offered the chance to try these Nakd Bars and Raisins and I must admit, they’re always something I pass by on the shelves. I’m not sure why as the flavours do sound pretty delicious. But I guess just through ignorance I’ve bypassed them. When this little selection dropped on my doorstep I couldn’t wait to crack them open! I’ve changed my afternoon chocolate bar to one of these for the past week or so to see if I can hack life without the galaxy caramel fix…..

I purposely chose the mixed box just because I couldn’t decide which flavours to try. And I’ve gotta say I’m quite glad I did. The bars are pretty hit and miss for me in terms of flavour (it’s a good job there’s two of each though so I can confirm whether or not I like them!). Some are very much an acquired taste and texture. I thought the Chocolate Orange one would be my favourite, but I really disliked the flavour of it over all. The best bar in the package for me was the Cashew Cookie! Which was utterly delicious. But apparently the Chocolate Orange one is a favourite and best seller, so who am I to argue? The texture is very odd as well, I was actually expecting a cereal bar, but they’re soft and a little gooey in texture. This is a bit weird at first but when you chow through a few (not all in one go of course!) you get used to it. It’s kind of a texture that isn’t a common one I suppose? As I can’t think of another food/snack substance that is similar. All the bars are dairy, wheat, gluten and sugar free, so pretty much ideal if you want something sweet that isn’t too unkind to the hips. When you consider some can be counted towards your 5 a day too, it’s a fair compromise.

One thing I absolutely LOVED in the box was the infused raisins. There was Cherry, Lime and Cola. I was a little hesitant about the Cola ones at first but they are delicious! I wouldn’t have expected to like these at all really, because let’s face it, there is no compromise for a nice can of full fat coke, but no these are so moreish and yummy. I ate both bags in one go, whoops. The Cherry ones were OK, but kind of a medicinal flavour whereas the Lime were just the right amount of tang. Time for the gross out comment of the blog post; I did find this past week or so I have been a little more ‘regular’ in the pooping department, which can never be a bad thing- shows the system isn’t backing up eh! But some of the bars do contain a lot of dates and they’re quite good at the ol’ digestion thing aren’t they? 

The Natural Balance Foods website is full of tasty treats like these, including Protein Bars and those freaking wonderful infused raisins! Which I’m actually pretty gutted I like so much as I’m going to have to stock up on the Cola ones right now. They’re absolutely delicious.