Bargain Hunt: Vivienne Westwood Sunglasses

Oh TK Maxx, if I could count the ways I love thee… We would be here all day. TK Maxx has gotta be my favourite shop of all time I reckon. It’s the bargain hunter in me that just LOVES rummaging through the piles of crap to find that hidden treasure, and today, well I got myself some GOLD. It was on my way out that I spotted a stand with about 10 pairs of these Vivienne Westwood Sunglasses on, I love a bit of Viv as it channels my inner punk in a non direct punkish way, and I totally love the signature Orb logo design. I immediately assumed these would be too expensive for me to treat myself too… But wait till you hear how much they were….
Vivienne Westwood Sunglasses from TK Maxx

The sunglasses are a nice big bug eye design which suits my round face just dandy, and they come in a admirably tacky gold case with a nice purple inside. I can’t really tell you much about the SPF or whatever the gauge is on sunglasses for UVA protection because I didn’t even bother looking at the leaflet that came with them, but what I CAN tell you is the RRP was £124!! And TK Maxx was selling them for…. £20! TWENTY ENGLISH POUNDS. I am immediately regretting not getting another pair!! But I’m leaving it up to fate to see if they have any in when I go to my local on this week (these were from the Wednesbury branch). I have looked to see if they’re on the TK Maxx website and unfortunately they’re not. Good luck to anyone trying to find these though, I bet they’ve sold out already at that price! It seems sunglasses can be added to my short list of things that I seem to have expensive taste in alongside shoes and coats, this is my second pair which cost a few pretty pennies (after the Dior ones I won last year) and I have a little collection of Betsy Johnson sunglasses too! I don’t even wear them a lot of the time because they leave that annoying mark on the bridge of my nose. Wahhh.