Pale Skin Is In.

This summer I am making a stand, and it’s one that I hope a lot of girls can join me on… This summer I am not going to use a sunbed, I am not going to sit for hours in the yawn-some sunshine bored out of my skull ‘soaking up the rays’, this summer I am not going to attempt to use fake tan to be brown but end up some kind of orange patchy mess. This summer I am going to embrace my pale skin and not cover it up, not feel like I am not hot as sin because I’m pale, and not give a bag of rats crap what anyone thinks about my pasty complexion. I may sound bitter about not being tanned and yeah. Maybe part of me is, but a bigger part is reminding me, we are in ENGLAND and English girls in general are pretty pale, so let’s stop striving to be something we’re not and shake our tail feathers with what nature gave us… Which in this case is legs that resemble milk bottles…. Oh well. I’m not going to rant on about how bad sun beds are for you because I don’t think they’ve that bad in general, I mean we all need Vitamin D right, and with the lack of summer we’ve had thus far I don’t think 3 minutes every now and then is the worst thing in the world ever. BUT I am also not going to go out of my way to try and be tanned. Life’s too short to not get your legs out and feel those thighs rub together as you walk (because you don’t give a shit about not having a ‘thigh gap’ but that’s a-whole-nother rant) I don’t care if I’m so pale I reflect the sun, this summer I am enjoying what I’ve got without wanting it to be anything else.

Wow, that opening paragraph was a bit ‘let’s burn our bra’s’ on my soapbox or something, but it’s alright, it was possibly just a long way to go about saying that I think too many people (including myself) spend far too long thinking about what others think about us and not enough time just enjoying what we have and being thankful we have healthy bodies no matter what the shape or size or skin tone. So many summers I have wasted wearing longer skirts, leggings, tights, whatever, just because my legs are ‘too pale’ and you know what? They’re not too pale at all. They’re just, well, my legs. And you will find my arms are the same shade too! And sometimes my face… But that depends what foundation I’ve used and if it matches my skin (which is pretty rare, I like a good off colour face, me!) Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with being tanned, I know it makes one look  a little more toned, a little slimmer, maybe even healthier, but it’s too much effort for me personally and I’d prefer to spend that time a little more constructively (sitting on my ass watching telly mainly).
So, the outfit eh? The dress was from H&M the other day and was a snip at £14.99. I did try and buy things that were a bit more ‘mature’ during my last run of shopping spree’s, but I just succumb to the lovely light material and print of this dress and also the fact it has pockets! I love any dress with pockets. The shoes I got from Urban Outfitters about 3 years ago and they were only around £10, they’re comfy and cute but a little annoying sometimes as the buckle keeps coming undone as I’m walking and I just look a bit silly having to bend over to fasten it every 10 minutes. 

A good product to make your pale skin look nice is this Nourish Golden Glow Toning Soufflé which I was sent from Big Green Smile….. I know the title of that product makes it seems like I’m contradicting the tone of this post, but it’s not I assure you. The Nourish Golden Glow is a lovely creamy foamy like substance with an delicate hue of golden glitter within it. It makes your skin look so much smoother and dewy without making you look like David Bowie during his Ziggy Stardust phase. It’s a nice touch to enhance any skin tone and generally even your skin out and makes it look that little bit healthier. I guess it’s a bit like highlighting your face or using a light diffusing primer, but for your ENTIRE BODY. It reminds me a little of the Soap and Glory Hocus Focus with it’s light diffusing effect but obviously in a much bigger tub and a more golden tone than the pinkish one. It’s a shame iridescent finishes really don’t capture well on photographs, but go and swatch Hocus Focus in Boots and you will see what I’m talking about!  
Will you be embracing your paleness this year? Or will you succumb to the sun? Either way it’s fine, but it’s interesting to see how much tanning is a ‘thing’ nowadays. I remember the days when you’d be hard pushed to find a shelf of fake tan in Boots and now there are whole sections dedicated to it! 

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lovely dress


The Nourish product sound and looks rather nice 😀
I love your dress too and I know, I swear my legs are paler than yours! I've never cared about tanning much at all, sometimes I do think holy hell I look practically dead so yeh, a splash of colour is nice but I've never bothered about it much. I fake tanned for the first time last month in about eight years or something…I like my white legs haha

Amy xx
A Little Boat Sailing


I prefer to be pale as a fishbelly, the sun just makes me itch and for some reason what little colour I do get seems to have a green tinge to it D:


Well I love this dress!
I have never used fake tan, I wouldn't know where to start. Plus, I'd swim it off every morning.
I do however love the sun and therefore try to spend as much time outside and doing things in it as I can.

Victorias Vintage

I like to be brown but not using fake shiz or sunbeds. But I am partial to a lazy sleep in the sun!! Also I have this dress but got it last season and its about 4 fricking inches shorter so have to wear it with leggings boooo x

Tales of a pale face

I'm all about the paleness! Everytime I've tried to fake tan it's ended badly, so shall be staying my natural colour this summer x


Thats a lovely dress 🙂 I'd prefer to stay pale – a tan is a sign of sun damage so why would I want that? Vom. I'll move to Asia where pale is b e a utiful.


Although I'm pale I do LOVE the sun, but I do it sensibly and get not-pale (I can't say tanned) quite quickly. I only use fake tan on holiday – you've gotta admit, you do need that extra confidence when you're half naked in a hot country. But otherwise I am nonplussed about my bare, pale legs! Nobody else really cares about what your legs look like so neither do I.

Helen Gray

Viva La Pale! I always come out to orange and gave up even trying ages ago. I'm lucky that I do tan slghtly in the sun, but it's not worth risking skin cancer for (My mum have a growth removed 2 years ago from her face that was a mole but it started to go cancerous).


I'll try to fake it, then turn yellow, then scrub it off, then turn out to be even paler than before because I scrub it too much, then return to living with stray cats. Story of my life haha x

megan burrows

woo, power to the pale girls! this may be the boost I need to put down the fake tan this summer. Though I use a gradual one so nothing to drastic about my sudden colour change! megan xx


That dress is gorgeous. I tan pretty well in the sun, and I wish I hadn't gone to Spain in April as I had an NHS boot on one foot so now am rocking an orange and white leg! How I wish to be pale as normal x

Kelly McKenny

I'm happy to embrace my paleness – I've never fake tanned or used a sunbed, just because I really don't think being tanned suits me – and I never seem to tan naturally (though this may have something to do with the high SPF levels I tend to use!) so I'm happy to stay as white as snow this summer!

Alice Rose

I hardly ever fake tan. Normally I mix some rimmel light with my body lotion as My legs are so pale they are a bluey grey colour but other than that I refuse to spend bags of money and time to look like a tangerine! Lovely dress btw x


I've embraced paleness all of my life. I've now got two different sunscreens for my face and body, they're both Factor 50. I'm so pale that I shine bright white in the sun :p