Po-Zu Edible…. Shoe Cream?!

So you know I like to talk about beauty products right? But sometimes I also like to share my thoughts on food… So how do you think I reacted when I was offered an opportunity to review some EDIBLE. SHOE. CREAM? I was a little bit excited. Although, is it  a wonder product like no other? OR is it a product we all are quite familiar with, cleverly packaged to look like something else. WELL. Read on and find out…. (I think I just gave the game away though).

The Po-Zu Edible Shoe Cream does sound like a bizarre concept indeed doesn’t it? Boasting that not only is it a shoe polish but a cooking oil, a hair conditioner, lip balm and even an addition to drinks, this all sounds a little bit craycray. The product itself is a solid balm like substance which once warmed turns in to an oil. And that’s precisely just what this is… A multi use Coconut Oil. 
The description Big Green Smile says:
”Used on leather, this colourless shoe cream enhances the original colour, depth and pliability of your shoes, while maintaining a natural look. It provides some resistance to water, protects against minor marks and dirt, increasing the shoes’ longevity. Test the cream first on a small hidden area as it may darken slightly. Not suitable for suede shoes, only use on leather. The cream is made from coconut and certified Organic by the Soil Association. Cholesterol free, naturally sugar free, GM free and has not been refined, hydrogenated or deodorized. Store in a cool dry place. Will liquefy above 24.C. Does not need refrigeration. In addition to being a shoe polish for leather, Po-Zu Edible Shoe Cream is also a delicious ‘all-in-one’ beauty product that can be used as a lip balm, skin moisturiser, hair conditioner, massage oil and cooking oil. You can even spread it on your toast for a nutritious snack.”

Selling at £7.10 and marketed as such a multiuse product it’s not actually that pricey when compared to Coconut Oils on websites such as Holland and Barrett and  this is a very nice quality oil and does do what it says on the tin. As a lip balm it’s wonderful and it’s also added a nice little shine to my Clarks leather loafers, but I suppose it’s a case of doing your research with this one. The naive may think it’s an amazing idea, whereas the informed would find a much more cost effective variant. I for one picked up a massive tub of Coconut Oil from the World Foods Section in Tesco for a mere £1.96 a few weeks ago, but saying that the quality of the Po-Zu Shoe Cream does seem a bit better. 

*I do apologise that in the second image you can’t see the information on the label which I have photographed, I will update this as soon as possible so you can see!