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Have I mentioned I’ve joined the gym recently? Oh yeah, only about 50 times every day since I did join, right? Anyway, a few days ago a lot of tweeters helped me out with my trainer saga! I am absolutely clueless when it comes to anything to do with exercise, and after tweeting a picture of the trainers I was wearing to the gym, I got a bit of a telling off from all the fitness guru’s out there, and some excellent advice about which trainers I should be looking for. I’m glad I ‘asked Twitter’ as I was getting a cramp in the back of one of my legs running in the trainers I did have, which ended up being ‘fashion’ trainers and of no good for anything apart from erm, being slippers or something probably. I was actually pretty relieved that it was my trainers causing the problem though, as I was worried it’d just be years of lazyness causing my legs not to work properly, meaning I’d be able to use it as an excuse to never go the gym again! Hey, what can I say? I’m a sucker for a good excuse. 

Anyway, who’d have thought choosing new trainers would be such a mine field? Gone are the days at school where it didn’t matter which trainers you had…. as long as they were Nike Air Max in a pretty colour. Nowadays there is so much choice. Gone is the simplicity of being a cool kid with your Nike Airs or being a not-so-cool kid getting written about in the toilets for having a pair of Hi Tec Trainers. I remember when we went to ‘big school’ we were finally allowed to have a £50 budget every 6 months to spend on some branded trainers! But maybe that’s just a Stoke thing, I remember a lot of my school friends were in the same boat! Now it’s all about the…. arch… the cushioning… the… GAIT? All words and things I had never even heard of before! The JD Sports website is a treasure trove for a whole host of fancy pants footwear. I don’t even know where to start, but I’m already trying to decide which pair to next invest in. As you know footwear is one area that I allow myself to splurge on, and now I have a new excuse.

As you can see I’ve ended up with a pair of adidas Duramo in black and purple. They are so comfortable, I can see why some people rock sportswear on a daily casual basis, it’s a shame I can’t get away with wearing trainers to work! They came in pretty cheap at £30 but they don’t have this colour online any more which is a bit of a shame! I’ve noticed a massive difference in the pesky pain in my leg since having these, and I’m glad I got a little telling off on Twitter for my old trainers because at the end of the day your feet are for life yo! Although I do get the feeling there are ‘better’ trainers out there but these will do for the time being.

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He Runs She Runs and Sweaty Betty are quite good for getting the right stuff, if a little pricey. I usually go during a sale. If you're in London the He Runs She Runs concession in Lilly White's is pretty good. I really don't recommend going to a regular sport shop unless you know what you want. I went into JD and asked what shoes were for running and the boys said "they're all trainers so they are all for running, innit" and another incident in sports direct where I couldn't tell what was supposed to be 'fashion' and what… Read more »


Ah I'm glad you managed to find some! And a good price too 🙂


I'm currently going through the issue you previously dealt with. I have some trainers that I use for running (I'm new to exercise or any sort of movement) and they're hurting the bottom of my feet. After reading this, I'm assuming that they're fashion trainers as I haven't worn them since school (this was around age 15!). Could you do a post with tips on choosing trainers or sportswear for that matter? (Put my sports bra in the wash…it shrank. I'm utterly useless…I may as well be fat!


If you check your sportswear wash labels they're often very specific about how to wash – definitely no tumble drying for sports bras & other sweat-wicking stuff.

Your best bet for running shoes is to get your gait analysed (it's usually free!) at a reputable sports or running store then they'll suggest the best shoes for you. Research overpronation!

Tracy Hodgson


I have just joined a gym too and was going to be wearing my Nike rifts but after this post i will be getting myself to JD for something more sensible. Thanks i have a feeling you have just saved me from bad cramps.