Little Pots of Sunshine

Oh sunshine, and rain, and wind then warmth… How you make me suffer. Not only has my skin been awful, but my lips are also super dry as a result of this erratic weather in the UK right now. I just sell myself as an all round gorgeous gal with these blog posts lately don’t I? Anyway, here’s a run down of some pots of sunshine to keep a steady bit of summer in your life regardless of the temperatures outside….

Each one of these lip balms I find fresh and nice and regular additions to my handbag. Apart from the Miners Ton O’ Tint. The Tin O’ Tint is basically one of those rubbish lip balms which is basically vaseline in a fancy tin BUT I love the shade of it and also anything grapefruit flavour is my favourite ever. The Palmers Dark Chocolate and Cherry lip balm could also be more of a cold weather product as the scent is so rich! Like black forest gateau, but once again the colour is lovely when applied, although I’m a bit scared of applying it without a mirror as I end up looking like a deranged clown with all red balm around my chops otherwise. The EOS Lemon Drop lip balm is the most fresh and zingy lip balm I have ever tried, although the flavour does boarder on the slightly artificial side, the EOS lipbalms are so hydrating and immediately give your lips that satisfying softness! My all time favourite lip balm is the Nivea Lip Butter though, as even when my lips are so dry they flake and crack this offers immediate relief, it’s a little miracle in a tin. 

I really want to try the NUXE Rêve de Miel Ultra Nourishing Lip Balm and every time I go in to Marks and Spencers (yes, who knew they stocked an awesome range of beauty products now?!) I eye it up, but I cannot bring myself to spend £9.50 on a tiny pot when I have found the above selection which work pretty well with the highest priced one being the EOS at £4.99! I’m too tight fisted for this beauty blogging business.