Marl and Faux

I had a few people asking me where the dress was from that I wore in my blog post the other day, so here I am, featuring it in all it’s beautiful glory so you can bask in it’s greatness. I will start off by simply saying COLD SHOULDER DRESSES ARE THE BEST THING EVER, especially if you have hang ups about your arms being a bit chubster. My arms and legs are that of a woman a bit bigger than my size 8-10 torso, they’re not actually that big, but in comparison to my waist it makes me feel a bit like they look bigger than they are? Does that even make sense…. and we won’t even begin on those hips, sometimes being a pear shape is a blessing and a curse. So, whenever I find a ‘cold shoulder’ garment I get it in to my life as swiftly as possible. I’m obsessed with them.
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This dress was from eBay, but originally River Island. I really like the marl effect of the grey material, and it’s a nice skater style which suits my body shape well. It cost £9 including postage and packaging, which was a little more than I wanted to spend, but it was worth it, as it’s quickly become my favourite dress ever. The faux leather waterfall front gilet  I got from New Look weeks ago and it’s become an unlikely favourite in my wardrobe. I now have an obsession with finding a leather jacket, which I never even considered would be my ‘thing’ before! I bought one from TK Maxx the other day though and I both like and loathe it, so I’m still debating taking it back (I instagrammed it the other day if you want to help me make the decision) Anyway, this little gilet is so simple yet goes with most things. Which is why I like it so much. My shoes were another splurge the other day from Clarks. I really love brogues and Clarks shoes are always a good investment as I always find it hard to find comfortable shoes I can wear every day. I really love the colour of these too, despite being ‘mushroom’ which is the worst food ever, they happen to be the best shade of grey ever.

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Oh and let me introduce you to a new member of the Terri Lowe watch family (I have a little watch obsession), this beautiful Fossil Watch from Shade Station*.  I need to take it to the shop to have some links taken out so it fits my child sized wrists, but just look how pretty it is!! My current watch is a Fossil one which I treated myself to when I graduated a few years ago, so I’m a big fan of the brand, as it’s not left my wrist since. I will also say the delivery service from Shade Station was the best I’ve experience ever! They sent an email saying it had been dispatched and then an email to say the pretty much EXACT time I’d have the delivery man at my door. Which was way better than the usual estimated date and times which always end up really pointless. I know everyone creams their pants over the Michael Kors Rose Gold watches, but if you can’t splash out on one of those, this is an equally as beautiful compromise, hence why I chose it. 
Michael Kors Rose Gold Watch Dupe
Fossil Watch
I will probably wear this outfit for the London Bloggers meet up (#LDNBloggersParty) at the weekend which I’m going to with Charl, Tereza and Victoria. I’m quite excited as I’m gonna meet so many people I’ve spoken to on Twitter for years now but never met! Who else is going? Speaking of which, I actually need some money for the weekend so I can afford to eat on the day! Please have a look at my blog sale and feel free to make me an offer!! Smell that? That’s the smell of desperation haha.