I Am Spot-icus!

Lately my skin has been so horrid that I’m starting to dread taking my make up off in the evening! It’s always been prone to spots, even though my skin is anything BUT oily, and there is rarely a day when it is spot free. I get hormonal spots every month on my chin, which doesn’t bother me too much as I know they’re coming and now how to treat them, but lately I’ve developed such dark pores?! My nose has always looked a bit like a ‘strawberry’ with little blackheads dotted over it, I just thought they were kind of natural and I couldn’t do much about it as I’ve tried many things (stupid conclusion huh?). Now the little blackheads have spread across the tops of my cheeks though, so I kind of want to do something about it. I’ve also started getting lots of little spots that I never got before across my jawline and on my neck a little bit?! I’m not sure what is causing it but it could be a variety of things, so first things first I’ve decided to simply go cold turkey and just revamp my skin care routine to see if it makes an improvement. I went in to Boots with the Vichy Normaderm range in mind, but then after reading the ingredients I thought I’d do some comparisons against some cheaper products. As the Normaderm range retails for around the £10.50 mark I thought it would be better for my purse to try some cheaper products which contain similar ingredients to test if the magic mixture made any kind of improvement before I invested. The one ingredient I was looking for in particular and had been recommended is Salicylic Acid.

Even though I’ve had spots for many years I’d never pin pointed certain ingredients to use and very much just try anything without any research. Since using oils my skin has been vastly improved, so perhaps the warm weather is to blame for it’s condition lately. Nonetheless each product I picked up was checked for it’s contents and I made sure each had Salicylic Acid in it high up on the ingredients list. I know Salicylic Acid can cause drying if used in excess, but I would rather suffer dryness for the meantime if I can sort out the texture and surface of the blemishes and blackheads for the future. Concentrating on a 3 step skin care regime I began by buying the Bioré Blemish Fighting Ice Cleanser. I’ve not tried any Bioré stuff before so I was quite excited for this! It cost £4.99 and it was a toss up between this and the self heating exfoliator. I thought as it’s warm out this would be a better investment. And wooowwww. I used this for the first time this evening and it gives such an amazingly cool sensation on your face, it’s the perfect facewash after a clammy summers day regardless of it’s spot fighting technique! My skin felt so fresh afterwards and it removed all my make up. I’m impressed already. My face felt so squeeky clean too. 
Secondly I chose the Clearasil Ultra Rapid Action Deep Pore Treatment Toner for £5.29. Clearasil is a brand I have always avoided as whenever I have tried it it’s always proven way too harsh and drying. I threw caution to the wind and picked it up though as I need something pretty potent to help right now. I’m only going to use this in the evenings though and stick to the L’oreal Micellar Water for the mornings to clean my face. I chose this because the Salicylic Acid is high up on the ingredients as opposed to the Neutrogena one I almost picked up which listed it a lot further down. I already know that by using this and with it’s promise of results in 12 hours I’m going to need a pretty good moisturiser! 

The moisturiser I chose was the Neutrogena Visibly Clear Pink Grapefruit Oil Free Moisturiser. I don’t know why all spot products need to boast they are oil free, as from experience I have found oils very good for my skin in beauty products, but like I said my skin tends to be dry and never oily. I don’t have high hopes for this, but it was the cheapest moisturiser with Salicylic Acid it on the shelf for £4.99.  As I know I’ve gone a bit Salicylic Acid over board I don’t think this will come in to use much, but I will try it and see how it goes and my skin does end up drying out then I will revert to a moisturiser that I know won’t break me out such as the Cien Olive Oil one from Lidl, which is possibly my favourite moisturiser ever! 

And finally, the last product from the Salicylic Acid binge is the new Seventeen On the Spot Foundation. Of course I have seen this around the blogosphere, but disregarded most of the reviews as it was being written about by bloggers who don’t really boast a spot or skin problem! But after having a quick look at the ingredients it seems this contains the super acid I require as well. So for £5.99 I thought it’d be worth a whirl because above anything else it is a full coverage foundation. I’ve tried it for a few hours when I got home and the formula is very nice, so time will tell if it does improve anything in the 4 week time period that it claims. The colour range was also impressive for ladies that boarder on the paler side of the skin tones. I really like the pump dispenser on the tube too, I wasn’t expecting this at all as the tester was just a tube, so this will be great for keeping bacteria out of the foundation itself.

Skincare is all on 3 for 2 at boots at the moment, so I saved £4.99 on the 3 products I chose to give a go on my quest for clearer skin and the 17 On The Spot Foundation was on an introductory offer  saving £2. Hopefully this all works wonders and I am well on my way to a perfect complexion, however, I am no expert and never claim to be, so I’m expected a lot of feedback saying I’ve got the wrong things with even better recommendations! First impressions are all good so far though so I will no doubt blog about the results soon enough, that’s if the results are useful anyway.

EDIT: After a few comments I don’t think I’ve explained enough in the body of this post. So for reference my skin care regime before this little splurge was:

Wash: L’oreal Skin Perfection Cleansing Oil

Clean: L’Oreal Micellar Water

Exfoliate or Moisturise  (every other day alternating): Alpha H Liquid Gold and Bodhi Neroli Facial Oil.

Then each morning I sweep my face with Micellar Water to remove any grime which has developed over night!

These are the 4 products I have been using for the past few months, and these alone. I know the Cleansing Oil is predominately Mineral Oils which can be quite bad for the skin. Regardless of that though, I haven’t suffered MORE spots because of this, the problem is the blackheads/blocked looking pores. The gooey spots aren’t as bad as they have been in the past, it’s smaller spots and grimey looking skin which is the problem at the moment. I’ve had some amazingly useful comments so far. So give them a read if you have similar problems or can offer advice. 🙂

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neat witchhazel on spots- miracle cure!x


Just spotted your blog LOL!

I dont have any problems with spots so i wouldnt know 🙂 Hope these products work good for you~

Rosie Pie

I get hormonal chin spots too! Any specific advice for when that time of the month rolls round would be really appreciated! x


I have very large pores on my cheeks and my nose and get the black strawberry effect as well :/ I found that doing a scrub of (stay with me here) ground nutmeg and a dash of milk helps clear the blackness out beautifully. I do this once or twice a week (gently!), and my skin is looking much better. Not to mention it's cheap 🙂 My skin is pretty oily though so not sure how a more reasonable face would react to it.


No, I am Spot-icus! Sorry, I couldn't resist. A lot of my spot fighting skin care has taken a back seat in recent years as my skin's been behaving itself more and more, but recently my cheeks, mouth and chin are going nuts! I only have 1 salicylic acid product I keep at hand just to use the brush with other cleansers and it was great for clearing away those little strawberry-like blackheads you described, as I too have suffered from them. It just so happens to be the Garnier Exfo-Scrubber (original version), I highly recommend it during a facial… Read more »


May I suggest that you might want to move away from the products designed for teenage skin. Both LaRoche and Vichy do excellent products for adult skin that needs blemish care. Avene's Clenance range is also very good.

Mineral oil? Oh my. Let's not even go there! By the way, the post title is funny "I Am Spot-icus". LOL!


Pampered Prince

Argh the face wash! You just reminded me of something that I forgot to comment on, that squeaky clean feeling you love? Yeah that's bad!! That's a sign the cleanser is removing much more than dirt and makeup, I'd use sparingly, maybe a couple of times a week (or not at all), certainly not everyday.The mineral oil cleanser, I agree that probably isn't doing your skin much good but I doubt it's the cause of the blocked pores. Mineral oil can't penetrate the skin, it can sit on top and cause all sorts of issues, but it can't block pores.… Read more »

Pampered Prince

Do you mean you've been using Alpha H in the morning? Also, I'm presuming you mean Liquid Gold as that's their most popular product. I personally didn't get on with it. It's very high in alcohol denat, so drying on my skin. If you were cleaning properly in the evenings, I'd say the micellar water would be find in the mornings BUT I'm afraid you're not cleansing properly in the evening. I'd imagine the mineral oil cleanser is coating the skin, leaving makeup and dirt still in the pores. When you use the liquid gold, how often do you use… Read more »

Pampered Prince

I completely agree salicylic acid is fantastic for keeping pores clear but in all honesty, as you mentioned your skin isn't oily, using these products in conjunction with each other may only make your problem worse! They're all very drying! Sebum does block pores, in fact sebum is anti-bacterial so protects the skin from infection and acne. The spots are caused by blocked pores, which causes a build up of sebum to become trapped. Sorry hun, but all these products are designed to strip away the sebum and therefore your natural defences. Maybe one of them alone (maybe the moisturiser)… Read more »


I have oily skin and spots so not exactly the same as you but i wanted to say (after trying different treatments for years) that Neutrogena easily have the best products. All the products i´v tried from them, both from the orange white range and the pink grapefruit one have really worked well. If you want to get rid of blackheads (my nose is the same as yours haha) i totally recommend "blackhead eliminating scrub" wich is a mild product but works a treat. Thanks for all the interesting beauty posts! you always write an engaging post!



I've been at war with my 'strawberry' of a nose for years. And I have blackheads on my cheeks too.

The problem with me is I can be impatient or become bored when it comes to skincare, so if it doesn't work immediatley I become convinced it won't work at all.

But I'll keep trying…

Hips Like Cinderella

I'm so glad I'm not the only one my age who still gets spots! Sometimes they're so bad I feel like I've got a 'beard' of them!!! Would be interested to see what you think. Especially the seventeen on spot foundation xx


Jodie Santer

My skin is terrible at the moment, I can't wait to hear how you get on with these! I've been trying out some new products too, really should review them!


Good luck with this regime, hope it helps! Just a quick suggestion, be careful with the Biore as the SLS's sometimes aggravate spots further x

Kerys Marie

Hah! Your blog post name just made me LOL & almost spill tea out my nose! – You're always so witty!

Kerys | Little Bo Blab