Illamasqua Paranormal Nail Varnishes

Every time I read the word ‘Paranormal’ it reminds me of Eerie Indianaso it really doesn’t come as a surprise that I like the Illamasqua Paranormal Range so much does it? That was one of my favourite shows as a nipper! Now, I’m not going to beat around the bush with this one: The Illamasqua Paranormal Nail Varnishes are the finest quality nail varnishes I ever did try. I’m not even kidding. The Purple shade ‘Séance’ hasn’t been off my bloody fingers since I got it. It’s an amazing texture – kind of matte with a mild shine – almost satin like, and the ultimate nail varnish quality test; I cannot for the LIFE of me peel it off. Peeling nail varnish off my nails is my pleasure in life, so it’s kind of a love/hate thing with this one I guess, but normal people who probably don’t peel their nail varnish off will absolutely love this bad boy.
I don’t use a base or top coat when wearing these nail varnishes, and they don’t even begin to show signs of wear until around the 4th day after application. In two coats you can create an impressive opaque finish which is such a joy to look at in real life, yet doesn’t capture anywhere near as well on pictures. The green shade ‘omen’ is a type of green which is so unique to see in a nail colour. Which means it’s even more of a shame you can’t quite see the colour in all it’s vibrancy on the pictures. But you still get a good idea. When you take off the nail varnishes you find there is a very fine silver glitter within the polishes which despite usually being a pain to take off, manages to be removed relativity hassle free.  I was thinking it would create a nice effect to rub back with some nail varnish remover on half of the nail to reveal a nice silvery effect but alas I’ve not got around to that yet because I’ve painted my nails so little since getting these. The Paranormal Collection Nail Varnishes are also UV so glow under a black light. I’ve not tested this though… Have you ever looked at your teeth under a black light? That shit is scary so I steer clear of them buggers. 
I’d never even have dreamt of spending so much on a nail varnish before, and if I hadn’t of put these to the text first I probably wouldn’t have invested, but you know me, honesty is the best policy and I think the RRP of £15 is kind of fair for these to be honest. The colours are like nothing I have seen before and the quality is so high I’m super impressed. To rationalise the price in my head I’m thinking about how often I paint my nails with a £5 polish as opposed to painting them with this one. I’ve notice Illamasqua have started to do some discount codes and offers over on their Twitter account and website lately, so I advise you keep a look at for some offers on these!