The ‘Minimum Wage’ Dress

I don’t often see brands creating marketing ploys that I feel compelled to write about, but today I noticed that website have now released a ‘Minimum Wage’ Dress… And I felt… Well, that I wanted to talk about it really. The idea behind it is that it’s for women who want to ‘look good on a budget’ and reflects the average hourly wage for an under 18 year old on Minimum Wage, which is apparently £3.38…. I kind of find it a little offensive. But I’m not quite sure why? Maybe it’s the fact that some young people in this country actually get paid so little. Or maybe it’s that the dress itself is pretty ghastly. I mean, just look at it. I hardly think it’s looking good on a budget, it just looks like… it’s budget. Instead of naming this a ‘minimum WAGE’ dress they should probably think about changing it around to a ‘minimum rage’ dress. As that’s what it makes me feel. Look, even the model looks pretty dismayed in the images from the She Likes website….

She Likes Minimum Wage Dress
She Likes ‘Minimum Wage Dress’

As you know, I’m not one for spending a lot of money on clothing. I mean, the other day I almost *died* when I forked out £50 for a leather jacket (but I justified in my head by the fact a faux-leather jacket I wanted in New Look was £45, so a real one was definitely worth the dollar). And the local unbranded shop where everything was £5 was my little bit of Stoke based heaven, I’m still mourning it’s loss. I think the average price for a dress in my wardrobe would come in at around £7 and absolutely non of them are as hideous and pointless as this. To dress on a budget you don’t have to dress in shit. Just make wise investments and don’t purchase things just because it’s ‘cheap’. It’s often a false economy and was my wardrobe downfall until I started to change my way of thinking about clothes shopping. When Primark first opened in Hanley I was a merry field day buying vest tops just because they were £1… And how many did I wear… Oh about one? And now I have a mass of vest tops lying in a drawer being unloved and crying about being alone, with no one caring about what has become of them. Don’t get me wrong, I’m an advocate for ‘you buy cheap, you buy twice’ because I love to buy things. But sometimes some things are better left where they are. 

Director of ‘She Likes’ Nick Puri is quoted as saying (from The Daily Mail article about this, granted) ”The increase in social media photo tagging has definitely added to this pressure. It’s led to women feeling insecure about wearing the same dress over and over again. They fear showing up on their friends’ feeds in the same outfit that they’ve already been seen in, so prefer to buy cheaper styles that they don’t mind wearing as little as two to three times.”

If that is what you ‘fear’ when you go on a night out, please re-evaluate your life.

She likes? She most certainly doesn’t. Unless she’s forgotten her glasses and left that last ounce of style in the tacky warehouse this dress should reside in. Not to mention this dress looks so short you’re going to have to spend around another £5-£10 getting yourself some leggings to make sure your flaps aren’t a-flowing in the wind. What’s going to be next? The ‘Jobseekers Allowance Dress’?

On a side note, you may have noticed my blog has gone a little downhill of late. I do apologise if I’m not providing you the cutting edge content you’re accustomed to. I’m having an absolute nightmare with my internet speeds and therefore can’t edit pictures are swiftly as I now have a Chromebook which is a web based laptop thingy. Argh. I’m working on it… Trust me.

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Julian Hitcher

this is been going on for a while now, theres a minimum dresses store for a bigger range actually. I just dont understand how they can sell these stuff for this price.

duck in a dress

Minimum wage? Also minimum fabric! I don't know how they could even conceive a dress like that – what on earth were theire researchers and designers thinking?


this does not constitute as a 'dress' this is a flimsy bit of fabric with some bits cut out- not a dress.

Jessica Elizabeth

I'm glad you've posted this. I moved away from my family at 16 and had to work to pay my bills etc. On minimum wage (£3.67, I think it's gone up by 5p by then) until I went back into education and got offered income support instead. The fact that they think working females under the age of 18 are fickle and stupid enough to purchase such a hideous item is beyond me. I think using the minimum wage as a marketing ploy is disgusting, and considering how cheap looking the dress is and the fact they're still making profit… Read more »


I can kind of see what they're trying to do but as someone who earns minimum wage (and I'm 24!) I can afford to dress myself better than this! And I have a Topshop dress I've worn on pretty much every night out for the past five years. I do not give a shit.

A Girl I Know

This idea is ridiculous. Words fail me. They actually named it that? And when you buy cheap you don't usually declare it to the world, which you would do in this dress because of that stupid name. Mimimum wage is bad enough without this horrible dress. On the flip side, we're all talking about it so I guess their marketing angle works eh?


I think it's quite a horrid dress.
I've definitely learnt over recent years that it's better to invest in nicer pieces than to get all excited in Primark at the sheer cheapness of everything!


eek that it just cheap and nasty looking. Not to mention the fact that I'd have to do 2 hours work to afford it! (Apprenticeship wage – they're missing a gap in the market there)
It looks like it's been taken to with a pair of garden shears, awful.


Damn, even when I was on an apprentice minimum wage last year (£2.65, what a joke) I wouldn't have spent my money on this tacky crap. New Look sell dresses for around £10, I'd rather buy something nicer from there!

The Agoraphobic Fashionista

Seems they had to make cut (outs)too fnar… If they had have at least made it a shift or skater style dress then maybe but it does look pretty woeful in it's current form :S