A Trio of Budget Highlighters from ELF.

ELF ELF ELF. Oh what a cute brand name you are abbreviated to. I really like ELF comestics, mainly because they’re cheap, and I like buying cheap stuff, because I’m tight like that. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes ELF can be a little Hit and Miss, but even if you get a miss who cares when it’s cost you like 2 quid an item! Highlighters are my favourite thing in life, well not in life, just in my make up collection. They instantly make your face a little dewy, give you a healthy glow and even make my Dr Seuss nose seem a little bit more upturned. I generally apply highlighters to my cheekbones (yeah they’re there somewhere amongst these hamster chops of mine) and down the centre parts of my face? Does that even make sense? A dab on the T Zone, nose and chin. Is this the right way to use Highlighters? I don’t even know, but sometimes it’s nice to smoosh your face in ALL THE PRODUCTS in EVERY WAY EVER isn’t it? 
Top Budget Highlighter from ELF all under £4 www.helloterrilowe.com

So the selection I’m featuring from ELF are all used in different ways really. The ‘ELF Studio Body Shimmer’ I haven’t used anywhere on my body…. Well apart from on my arm in the swatch below (it’s not a real review without swatches after all!) I found the coral-pink shade with gold glitter running through is a little too colourful to use anywhere else apart from my cheeks, and this gives such a lovely tone and highlight as a blusher. The stick is a little ‘hard’ so it’s worth noting it you want to use this after something like a powder foundation as it’s likely to pull that base right off your chops, but you can make it work with the right technique. The Shimmer Palette is a lovely little selection of 4 different tones of highlighter all in a soft creamy formula, I love the pinkish gold one which is second in from the right in the image below. It’s a lovely warm highlighter. These can be applied slickly with your fingers, or if you have a small concealer brush they can be blended in to well, where ever your little face desires. They are incredibly slick though, so I can’t imagine their staying power around the eyes would prove to be too successful as they seem like crease-city to me. The ELF Radiance Enhancer is probably the most versatile of the bunch, despite it’s quite cheap feeling brush, the creamy substance within is a lovely subtly pink shimmer which can be used alone on brow and cheek bones or splodge a bit extra out and mix it in with your foundation for an all over diffusing and dewy glow. 
Top Budget Highlighter from ELF all under £4 www.helloterrilowe.com
Top Budget Highlighter from ELF all under £4 www.helloterrilowe.com
With these three budget highlighters you’re looking at less than £4 for each one, so a pretty cheap introduction if you’ve not tried any before. Give them a whirl, you might like it. 

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