Dainty Doll Cosmetics at Poundland

So, I missed the boat when every blogger and their cat was harping on about Dainty Doll cosmetics being discounted and going for mega cheap on Fragrance Direct, and didn’t bother getting any, even though it did seem like a bargain (at the time). I’m not too interested in the range over all really, they have quirky packaging and stuff but it’s just not something that stands out to me personally… That was until I noticed them hanging up in the cosmetics section at Poundland that is. There was quite a lot of them all dangling in my local store so I decided to grab one of each colour they had of the eyeshadows. I don’t know why such bargains appeal to me, even though it was only £4 spent it was £4 on a product I generally don’t use?! But alas, now they are in my life….

I do like the sleek little compacts they come in, they look nice and are quite a pretty little thing to have in your make up collection. The colours that I found were: Copacabana, Frankie Girl and Teach Me Tiger alongside an Eyeshadow Base. Straight away I knew I wouldn’t use the electric blue shade Frankie Girl, so I’m handing that over to Charl from GingerGirlSays – she’s a ginge that can pull of a good blue eyeshadow I reckon. The formula to me comes across a little chalky, but alas I don’t often use eyeshadows and I don’t really own any to compare it against, apart from ones in sets/palettes which I always assume are below par quality anyway haha. I’ve tried the eyeshadow base a few times now, just on it’s own to brighten up my lids and a touch under eye to conceal and it’s OK. It does crease a little though – but that could be due to this terrible TERRIBLE weather we’re having and my eyes getting all sweaty or something. Teach Me Tiger is a lovely coral/orange shade that reminds me of the Sleek Rose Gold blusher *without* the subtle hints of pink running through it. It has a beautiful subtle gold highlighting shimmer just like the Rose Gold blush though and  I’ve not even used this as an eyeshadow yet, and instead have opted to use it as a blusher, the shade is perfect for my skin tone on these super hot days as it’s a touch of warmth without being brown and heavy on my complexion like a bronzer. I’m not sure if eyeshadows as blusher is a bad thing, but it suits me anyway! Another dual use one in this quadruplet of bargain joy is the dark brown shade Copacabana, which I’d never use as an eyeshadow but the tone is pretty much a similar colour to my Benefit BrowZings (medium)  but a touch darker, so I’m using this currently as an eye brow filler as it’s got that nice red undertone to it like I find BrowZings tends to have.
I know there’s  been speculation about Dainty Doll discontinuing and no longer being manufactured, mainly because of them cropping up in discount stores everywhere right now. They also haven’t tweeted since February, which is probably not long before they did seem to start appearing left right and everywhere. I do remember seeing ages ago though that the maker of Jelly Pong Pong make up (Susan Chyi) collaborated with the Dainty Doll products, and it seems her blog hasn’t been updated since February either… Hmmm… But she has been updating her other project So Susan up until May. So who knows what is really going on?!

So all in all, not a complete loss, even though I won’t be using these Dainty Doll eyeshadows in the intended way I don’t feel too short changed by spending £4 on them at Poundland! Also note that the compacts usually have a small mirror in the lid, but the pound shop ones don’t have them in, which is a shame, but what can you ask for when you’re parting with £1? Really?

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Annette Brennan

I know this is an old post but I've been looking up about Dainty Doll products being in discount shops (I found some in a local one) and why. And yeah, it seems loads of the eyeshadows have been tampered with! I bought two and although they had the mirrors intact, one of them had a lovely big finger print on it even though it was in a sealed bag! I didn't really care as it was only €1.50 though, aha! I think your boxes were labelled wrongly though. I bought that blue one too and mine is labelled as… Read more »

Jane Barker

How strange, mine have mirrors in them!

I have to agree with above, I'd be a bit narked if I'd paid full price for these, but at a quid I'm happy. I do like the eyeshadow base though, being naturally as pale as death means any sleepless night leaves me looking like I've been punched in the eyes and the base is a nice colour corrector in its own right. Couldn't get on with applying it with a brush at all and use a small sponge which seems to give a thinner coverage with no creasing.


They dont have these in Brum, for fecks sake!!! x


My Poundland missed the boat with these! I have been checking but they haven't got any 🙁 I have a blush by Dainty Doll and really like it.


Em’s Mixed Bag

Laura Hyatt

I've never tried it, but I really want to as being ginger, its so hard to find products that suit my skin tone. Might have to go check it out now 🙂 Xx


Why have they ripped the mirrors out?! That's bizarre. I had a look at the DD range in our local Cara discount pharmacy & I wasn't in love with any of it so I only picked up two lipsticks, one for a friend and one for myself. Haven't worn it since!

Hips Like Cinderella

I've never tried dainty doll. Is it make up designed for fair skin? If so I should prob give it a go! I'm like a milk bottle xx


Sam H

I have a couple from Fragrance Direct and they don't have mirrors either. So Susan are shite..

Betzy Carmona

I havent had the chance to try them out but it looks great 🙂